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bee's kyoote blog. · 12M ago

ALWAYS JADINE US TOUR 2017: The Houston Show!

ALWAYS JADINE US TOUR 2017 HOUSTON SHOW VLOG 💕💕💕 (April 1, 2017)  by beekyoote.      You can go ahead and watch my vlog up above, I'll just talk a little bit about my concert experience here...
bee's kyoote blog. · 1Y ago

The Influenster Fierce Voxbox!

Influenster Fierce Voxbox        It's been awhile once again... work has been draining of my energy and time that I have yet to find a balance in put working on my blog back on my schedule. ...
bee's kyoote blog. · 1Y ago

The Influenster L’Oréal EverPure Moisture VoxBox

The Influenster L’Oréal EverPure Moisture VoxBox So I know it's been awhile... I've been extremely busy, haha! But today I have to share with you all the most recent voxbox I got and it is f...
bee's kyoote blog. · 1Y ago

The Real Techniques Influenster Voxbox

Real Techniques Influenster Voxbox 🎁 by beekyoote.     So I received another amazing voxbox from Influenster for free to review and this time it's from Real Techniques! Woot woot! Real Techn...
bee's kyoote blog. · 1Y ago


CL HELLO BITCHES TOUR 2016: SAN FRANCISCO VLOG  by beekyoote.     So, about a week ago... I saw CL live in her concert for her HELLO BITCHES TOUR at San Francisco. It was at the Warfield, wh...
bee's kyoote blog. · 1Y ago


FORMULA X #SYSTEMADDICT INFLUENSTER VOXBOX      Here's another Influenster Voxbox sent to me and it's is some fancy nail polish from Sephora!FORMULA X #SYSTEMADDICT INFLUENSTER VOXBOX
bee's kyoote blog. · 1Y ago

Ark Skincare.

Ark Skincare     Here's another skincare brand I was sent to try out... it's a from the pricey end and comes all the way from the UK! It also has awards attached to their products, so I am v...
bee's kyoote blog. · 1Y ago

Staying hydrated with Aquation!

AquationSomething new is at Walmart! And if feeling dry is a problem, let me introduce this new brand, Aquation!What is Aquation all about?     There are endless elements that affect your sk...
bee's kyoote blog. · 1Y ago

The Zzzquil Influenster Voxbox!

The Zzzquil Influenster Voxbox!     Well, this voxbox came in a good time! I'm really busy at the moment... a lot of studying actually and that's why I haven't been blogging lately and not r...
bee's kyoote blog. · 1Y ago

Beauty Lally Brush Set!

Beauty Lally Brush Set!      Having the right brush for makeup application is important. It can definitely help speed up the process or totally ruin you're look. So, isn't it better to buy a...