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Beesybee Fibers · 10M ago

My Wool Palette

Working on a color palette can be difficult for me because I always tend to use every possible color combination on one garment, but I think I finally settled on a few colors and I’m liking ...
Beesybee Fibers · 11M ago

A Flying Rug

This rug can fly. Would you trust me? It also crawls… And swim…   Tagged: felted rug, felting, no kill sheeps skin
Beesybee Fibers · 11M ago

Felting Class in Sebastopol

Date/Time: Saturday, April 16, 2016 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Location: West County Fiber Arts 3787 Ross Road Sebastopol, California Tuition: $120 Get ready to be immersed into a fun and exciting ...
Beesybee Fibers · 11M ago

Traveling Guatemala

Long time no see! I spent a couple weeks in Guatemala with hubby plus 12 more people that came along with us this past February. The route was amazing. We started the trip in Guatemala City ...
Beesybee Fibers · 11M ago

How about more blue to start the year with?

Every time I have a new project I try to learn something new from the process… Or at least I try to teach myself something new. There is always a story behind each piece. Nuno Felted Coat: W...
Beesybee Fibers · 11M ago

Winter is here!

I’ve been enjoying the cold days of winter. Well, since my last post I had been healing from an oral surgery in which until this day, there still a little bump in my jaw. Fortunately  for me...
Beesybee Fibers · 11M ago

Collars for Marcia

I made a beautiful collar for another Mother of the Bride. She lives in Maryland and it happens that she also raises Border Leicesters which have been used to create the collar below: The br...
Beesybee Fibers · 11M ago

One more project, almost done!

This dress isn’t quite finished yet. Still needs color, straps and some adjustments here and there. Hmm… I might even add some beads to it. But, I’ve been missing blogging. It has been a fun...
Beesybee Fibers · 11M ago

The Mother of the Bride

I had to admit, at some point I felt a little panic during the production of this dress (just a little). I tend to think about too many “what if’s” and I have to remind myself that I will be...
Beesybee Fibers · 11M ago

Easy Felted Scarf

I promised that I would post a photo tutorial and show how I use my Merino Wool Blends to felt a scarf. This is a fun, easy and fast project. Almost instant gratification. What I like about ...