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Behind the Bit · 5d ago

I want THAT trainer!

Saw this awhile ago and ran across it again recently. THAT is a trainer worth his weight in gold. Good job David from Durango Farms!
Behind the Bit · 1W ago

Carl Hester, airborne and wind in his hair!

Uthopia will be joining us on Saturday night for the Evening Gala. Tickets via the Your Horse Live website.— Carl Hester MBE (@HesterDressage) November 9, 2017 ...
Behind the Bit · 1W ago

Gymnastic: What just happened?

Love the horse's sensible reaction to a gymnastic that wasn't working out the first go-through! Thanks to Matt Baker for sharing on Facebook!
Behind the Bit · 1W ago

It's been awhile! Hello all.

Hi All, Wow, it has been a while! Hope you are still hanging in there. I'm fine, Riley is fine, and we're heading into winter reluctantly.I thought I'd share some awesome boots that are avai...
Behind the Bit · 1M ago

Team eventing at CPHS: does not disappoint, see this nail-biter round!

If dressage was cancelled, team eventing did not disappoint. These guys were hell for leather! In the second round, here was the winning ride. Amazing comeback at the two-minute mark.
Behind the Bit · 1M ago

Spotting another mule in dressage!

Behind the Bit · 4M ago

Riley's new bonnet

Loving Riley's new ear bonnet from Elegant Reflections, too Custom Fly Bonnets (also see Etsy shop). She has gorgeous samples and does custom work. We emailed each other for about an hour, discussing colors, design, crystals. I ordered it on Saturday...
Behind the Bit · 4M ago

Happy Fourth of July! A personal recommendation

I didn't buy this awesome patriotic bonnet from Elegant Reflections  but isn't it stunning (check out the Etsy shop too)? I love the red/white/blue bonnet but ordered a custom scalloped vers...
Behind the Bit · 4M ago

Where did all the sheepskin cribbing collars go?

Riley's cribbing habit generally it has not been a big deal for me, but for his sake I wis...
Behind the Bit · 5M ago

2017 goal: Run a half marathon

Or, I could buy a used t-shirt from EbayAt the start of the new year, I was looking for so...