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Behind the Bit · 6d ago

NextGen ShowSheen -- iridescent!

Have you ever seen a gray horse that is so beautifully groomed their sheen actually seems ...
Behind the Bit · 3W ago

Loving this bag!

I got this fanny pack from Festworthy on Etsy.  I LOVE IT! It is lightweight, fun, shiny but not garish, an it looks GREAT with black and gray. I use it for running and walking. It was about...
Behind the Bit · 1M ago

Blanket bling, 2017

Thanks Jeffers Equine for this great Metallic Trellis blanket for under $55 and $67 (lightweight and midweight, respectively). See their other metallic products. While I don't know this for a fact the blanket may have been manufactured by Weathabeeta...
Behind the Bit · 1M ago

Forward is the way to think

Well, sure it is! And it is fun to see this young woman struggling with my own struggle. Riley, who really can be very forward, is very sensitive to being nagged, and boy, if you nag, he'll ...
Behind the Bit · 2M ago

Stretching update: Der torture continues

Hi all,So I am still stretching. Bob, who was stiffer than I was 3-4 years ago, started stretching religiously to alleviate knee pain, and... Well, he is now far more flexible than I.  He ga...
Behind the Bit · 2M ago

Nature or nurture in cutting horses

I don't know much about how much of cutting horse behavior is trained, but this horse seems to enjoy it in his spare time! 
Behind the Bit · 2M ago

Dressage stretches

I love these dressage stretches at -- the first one really hurts which is GOOD. One of my New Year's resolutions is stretching...
Behind the Bit · 3M ago

What you get a horse for Christmas...

Riley Christmas, 2016
Behind the Bit · 3M ago

Thanks Moonlight Cookie Art

Moonlight Cookie Art did this gorgeous holiday custom order for me (a gift to a horsey pro...
Behind the Bit · 3M ago

Browbands of Christmas

This is one of the holiday browbands I did -- black pearls!