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Behind The Lens · 2W ago

June 2017 Free Calendar Download - Cardiff, Wales

Occasionally I travel for work, and in 2016 I spent a week in the UK. I visited my sister who lives in London before taking the train to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. This port city ha...
Behind The Lens · 3W ago

Prom Season

It’s the end of May and here in the Mid-west, May ushers in Prom Season, Graduation Season, the end of school and the start of summer. My son went to Prom a few weeks back. Prior to this yea...
Behind The Lens · 1M ago

Harbingers of Spring

Spring came early to Central Illinois - the trees bloomed in early April and most have fully leafed out. It was so short lived that I didn't get to enjoy it. However, I made a last minute tr...
Behind The Lens · 1M ago

May 2017 Free Calendar Download - Black Beauty

I post a lot about my daughter's equestrian adventures, so I always make sure to feature a horse in my photo calendars. We encountered Black Beauty in the heart of horse country - at Kentuck...
Behind The Lens · 1M ago

Tulips Make Me Happy

There's not too much to add. I hope Spring is blooming around you.
Behind The Lens · 2M ago

April 2017 Desktop Calendar Free Download - Sakura

We are having an early spring, with blossoms abound. The streets are lined with flowering pear trees and the cherry trees at the local Arboretum are showing off their fluffy white flowers.It...
Behind The Lens · 2M ago

Clinton Lake Ultra Recap - The Mudfest

If Running Events were people, the marathon and big road races would be the glitzy, gregarious, trendy and popular Hollywood stars; they are the big name rock artist with the high octane lig...
Behind The Lens · 3M ago

Along My Run | 24 Clinton Lake Ultra Training

I haven’t posted much about running since October, after I ran the Chicago Marathon. Yes, I am still running. Yes, I am still taking photos out when I run. Yes, I am signed up for a Spring R...
Behind The Lens · 3M ago

New York State of Mind

From my visit to the Big Apple back in August. Erica and I traveled there with my sister and her family via train from Boston. It was an unexpected, last minute trip. We crammed a lot of stu...
Behind The Lens · 3M ago

Out of the Panhandle - Palo Duro Canyon

Did you know the panhandle of Texas is the home to second largest canyon in the US? Palo Duro Canyon State park, 30 minutes from Amarillo, emerges from a crest in the highway and you wonder ...