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Better Posters · 5d ago

Critique: Measuring negativity

Today’s poster is from Jonathan Mohr. Click to enlarge!Jonathan says of this poster:Our study focuses on measurement, which is a pretty dry topic. I can’t say we’ve made any progress on mak...
Better Posters · 1W ago

Critique: Nanotechnology versus climate

Today’s poster is from Jacob Martin, which he presented at the Commonwealth Science Conference. Click to enlarge!Jacob wrote:This was to a very diverse group of scientist and policy makers,...
Better Posters · 2W ago

New email address for submissions and Twitter feed

I have created a couple of new resources for this blog.First, and more important, the blog has a new, dedicated email address: If you would like to submit a poster t...
Better Posters · 2W ago

Critique and makeover: How to recognize birds

Today’s poster was presented at this year’s Evolution 2017 meeting by Stephanie Aguillon. Click to enlarge!Stephanie spelled out her design goals with this poster:I worked really hard on min...
Better Posters · 3W ago

Link roundup for July 2017

Diana Hernandez has this month’s “best re-use of a poster” nominee:How to deal with awkward questions at a conference, by Dani Rabaiotti. Hat tip to Stephen Heard.
Better Posters · 1M ago

Critique: Precipitants to suicide

Today’s contribution comes from Annie Snow, who was kind enough to share this poster with blog readers. You will probably need to click to enlarge this one!The rainbow background pops. A rai...
Better Posters · 1M ago

How to swash: using a font’s alternate glyphs, text styles, and numbers

Microsoft Publisher is my go to software package for making posters. It hits a sweet point for me between power and ease of use. I recently found another reason to use Publisher: it lets you...
Better Posters · 1M ago

There should be at least two poster awards

Many conferences have some sort of awards for “Best student poster.” But John Vanek recently noted something I pointed out early on in this blog: the winners are often not very good looking ...
Better Posters · 1M ago

Link roundup for June 2017

Neil Cohn wins the “Best poster reuse" award for this month: Neil writes:Given my last poster, I can't help but design my poster for #CogSci2017 thinking how I'm just going to turn it into p...
Better Posters · 2M ago

Handouts and other papers

The ESA Student Section tweeted:Conference tip: Presenting a poster? Consider giving some sort of handout: a print out of the poster, or additional info. #ESA2017It’s a common tip, but I got...