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Better Posters · 6d ago

Giving credit to designers

It’s nice when people spread the news of good work:Emily Jones, grad student at University of Dayton, presented a poster on her field work plan for exotic species interactions in a Texas coa...
Better Posters · 2W ago

Critique: Calcretes

Today’s poster is from kindly contributor Jessica von der Meden. Click to enlarge!One of the most distinctive features of this poster is that there’s a title, or perhaps a subtitle, running ...
Better Posters · 3W ago

Link roundup for March 2018

Animate Science has a “done in one” blog post about how to design a poster. Readers of the blog will find a lot of advise there familiar, but it’s very well done. It’s a much better “single ...
Better Posters · 1M ago

Critique: The Capricorn Experiment, plus: Font families

Today’s poster is about the Capricorn Experiment, not to be confused with the 1970s conspiracy movie, Capricorn One:The only conspiracy in the new poster, from Vidhi Bharti at Monash Univers...
Better Posters · 1M ago

Critique: Solid state hydrogen

Today’s poster comes to us courtesy of Mi Tian. Click to enlarge!The individual blocks (like “Background” and “Research goals”) are good. I like the colour choices and the “pins” by the head...
Better Posters · 1M ago

#RSCposter 2018

The hashtag #RSCposter is short for, “Royal Society of Chemistry poster,” and it blew up on science Twitter this week. This was a seriously organized event, with rules as comprehensive as I’...
Better Posters · 1M ago

Critique: RNA capping

Today’s contribution comes from Melvin Noé González. It was presented at an RNA meeting at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. Click to enlarge!He writes:Through the years I experimented with v...
Better Posters · 1M ago

Nine is fine!

Happy blogiversary to me!It is a little bit crazy for me to think that this blog has been running for nine years straight. And still going (reasonably) strong!It is mostly thanks to my reade...
Better Posters · 1M ago

Lab posters are not conference posters

When I wander through department hallways and professor offices, I often see posters like this, from Rottner and colleagues (2017; tweeted by journal here). Click to enlarge!These sort of po...
Better Posters · 1M ago

Link roundup for February 2018

Neuroskeptic asks whether conferences are hostile environments.I have never been the target of a harsh question at a conference but one of my colleagues was, a couple of years ago.