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Bible Made Simple · 1M ago

An Open Secret Movie Presentation

We have a huge problem in our country, sexual predators that prey upon young men and women. The film that you are about to see begins the process of exposing these crimes.  Because the po...
Bible Made Simple · 1Y ago

What is Salvation and Why is It Needed?

(1st article in the Salvation Series) Has anyone ever asked you if you are “saved”?  It’s the kind of term that makes you want to turn around and RUN!That’s because it’s perce...
Bible Made Simple · 1Y ago

How To Live the Christian Life

(1st article in the Discipleship Series) You want to live your life for Christ.  Hopefully you understand that the first step in doing so requires a birth— you must be born into the...
Bible Made Simple · 4M ago

Wake Up America!

Bible Made Simple · 6M ago

Do You Want To Take Down the Deep State? Here’s How

A lot of terms are being used these days to describe the New World Order: Deep State, The Elite, Globalists etc. What all of this describes is an ancient religion that emerged from the To...
Bible Made Simple · 8M ago

Understand the Bible As Never Before

I would like to introduce you to the Read Scripture App. App for Smartphones This “app” represents the combined efforts of two organizations, Read Scripture and The Bible Project. ...
Bible Made Simple · 9M ago

Finding the Secret Place of God

(9th article in the Salvation Series) Where do you go when your heart is troubled?  When you’ve sinned.  Or when you have worries that are far above your ability to handle? Do you ...
Bible Made Simple · 1Y ago

The Trump Presidency: Should We Follow Donald Trump?

Christians are confused.  On one hand they hear prophecies of impending doom.  On the other hand they hear prophecies of an American renaissance through Donald Trump.  Which is it?  Can we k...
Bible Made Simple · 1Y ago

God's End Time Army: Where Do You Fit In?

(1st article in the God's End Time Army Series) In this article I’ll be discussing God’s end time army and what it takes to be a part of it. I’ll answer: 1.  Who is God’s end ti...
Bible Made Simple · 1Y ago

Fall In Love With The Bible

If you are a Christian, you need to fill yourself with the teachings of the Bible.  Doing this can be a hard and laborious process— unless you fall in love with the Bible. How do you fall i...