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Big Valley Mortgage · 1d ago

The Mortgage Process Explained

Purchasing a home can be a frustrating and intimidating process. The best way that you can...
Big Valley Mortgage · 4d ago

Why Buying a Home Is a Great Investment For Millennials

Buying a home is a great investment for millennials. Being in your early 20's and thinking...
Big Valley Mortgage · 1w ago

Before You Purchase Your New Home

Before you start searching for your next house, these following tips will help you decide ...
Big Valley Mortgage · 1W ago

What Do You Know About Buying a Home? - Adulting 101: Century 21

Do you the answers to these home buying questions?
Big Valley Mortgage · 1W ago

How Prepared Are You To Buy A House? 5 Fail-Safe Tips To Get You Ready

Has the thought of buying a house ever entered your mind? Renting may be a good option as ...
Big Valley Mortgage · 2W ago

Optimism of the Stock Market Moving Higher Continues; Housing Inventory Drought May Finally Be Easing

Stock Markets: The upward trajectory of the stock market continues. With the Indices s...
Big Valley Mortgage · 2W ago

How to Pack - Adulting 101: Century 21

Maximize space to save your sanity.
Big Valley Mortgage · 3W ago

Happy Thanksgiving!

Give thanks for a little, and you will find a lot.-Hausa Proverb
Big Valley Mortgage · 3W ago

Advantages of Buying a Home

The pride of being called a home owner is one of the sweetest advantage that buying a home...
Big Valley Mortgage · 4W ago

Your First Mortgage: What First Time Buyers Should Know

For first time homebuyers, the mortgage qualification process is often much more difficult...