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Big Sky AstroBlog · 9h ago


The post testnew appeared first on April Elliott Kent's Big Sky Astrology.
Big Sky AstroBlog · 1W ago

Gemini Full Moon: The Gift of Listening

Listening - that simple gift of attention and love, like holding open a door for someone leaving a store as you're entering - makes the world feel a little kinder, a little more civilized. T...
Big Sky AstroBlog · 3W ago

Scorpio New Moon: Transformation is Hell

Whether it’s dying, grieving, or just getting over some painful setbacks, we'd prefer to e...
Big Sky AstroBlog · 1M ago

Taurus Full Moon: How I Broke Up with Cheez-its

Just because a solution is simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy. At this Full Moon, though, the ...
Big Sky AstroBlog · 1M ago

The Emperors Change Clothes

When planets with long cycles change signs, it’s big news. They bring their energies to new areas of life and for a time, they accomplish their work by impersonating different characters. Th...
Big Sky AstroBlog · 1M ago

Libra New Moon: The Way the World Works

I used to complain strenuously about the folly of trying to fill our empty spaces with another person’s gifts. But if you marry a person who is good at the things you’re not, they just might...
Big Sky AstroBlog · 2M ago

Aries Full Moon: Keep Fighting

This Full Moon in Aries and square Pluto shines its light on a world full of fellow humans fighting for their lives —and the danger that we have learned to take such battles in stride. Pluto...
Big Sky AstroBlog · 2M ago

Virgo New Moon: Practical Magic

When we leave our formalized ritual spaces, we need a method of pursuing our lofty spiritual goals in the real world, ideally one that capitalizes on the fifteen waking hours each day that m...
Big Sky AstroBlog · 3M ago

Pisces Full Moon: The World Without Us

Our wise Pisces natures shrug in cheerful acceptance of life's inherent messiness, the missed deadlines, the world in disarray, and the house that needs dusting. At this Full Moon, take your...
Big Sky AstroBlog · 3M ago

Leo Solar Eclipse: Lights Out

As we draw closer to the quiet holiness of the eclipse moment, something sweet, serious, a...