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Big Sky AstroBlog · 3d ago

Aquarius Solar Eclipse: Little Solar Systems

Humans are tribal creatures, and it’s the rare few of us who can be happy with a completel...
Big Sky AstroBlog · 4d ago

Eclipse Aspects to Natal Planets: The Narrative of Change

Planets woven together by difficult aspects describe your defining attributes; each time an eclipse scores a glancing blow off these aspects (about every four and a half years), you're given...
Big Sky AstroBlog · 2W ago

Lunar Eclipses and Relationships

Romantic partnerships are not the only relationships in our lives (just the ones we're most likely to be obsessed about). What will this eclipse say about the 99.999% of the relationships in our lives that don't involve yearning looks across a crowde...
Big Sky AstroBlog · 2W ago

Leo Lunar Eclipse: Make Your Own Kind of Music

When eclipses fall in Aquarius and Leo, we’re asked to remember what kind of fuel powers t...
Big Sky AstroBlog · 1M ago

Capricorn New Moon: Three Kings

We focus so much on Capricorn’s toughness that we overlook its message of empowerment—that...
Big Sky AstroBlog · 1M ago

Cancer Full Moon: Taproot

It’s not just the physical signs of advancing age that are unnerving. You reach a certain ...
Big Sky AstroBlog · 2M ago

Sagittarius New Moon: Hatful of Stars

Sagittarius is better equipped than most to handle December’s cold, dark solitude. He doesn’t scare easily. He is exhilarated and dizzied by the long, dark nights; their stars are proxies fo...
Big Sky AstroBlog · 2M ago


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Big Sky AstroBlog · 2M ago

Gemini Full Moon: The Gift of Listening

Listening - that simple gift of attention and love, like holding open a door for someone leaving a store as you're entering - makes the world feel a little kinder, a little more civilized. T...
Big Sky AstroBlog · 3M ago

Scorpio New Moon: Transformation is Hell

Whether it’s dying, grieving, or just getting over some painful setbacks, we'd prefer to e...