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Bioseguridad en Español · 2d ago

Laboratory Biorisk Management Strategic Framework for Action

Although laboratory biosecurity is a relatively new concept to many, biosafety has been an established discipline for several decades. These fields have recently been elevated in prominence ...
Bioseguridad en Español · 3W ago

Prevalence and characterization of murine leukemia virus contamination in human cell lines

Contaminations of cell cultures with microbiological organisms are well documented and can be managed in cell culture laboratories applying reliable detection, elimination and prevention s...
Bioseguridad en Español · 1M ago

LIBRO: Prevención de las infecciones nosocomiales, 2a edicíon, Guía práctica

Prevencíon de las infecciones nosocomiales, 2a edicíon, Guía práctica Prevention of hospital-acquired infections, 2nd edition. A practical guide Índice Contents ...
Bioseguridad en Español · 1M ago

Xenotropic retrovirus Bxv1 in human pancreatic β cell lines

It has been reported that endogenous retroviruses can contaminate human cell lines that have been passaged as xenotransplants in immunocompromised mice. We previously developed and describ...
Bioseguridad en Español · 1M ago

Use and misuse of material transfer agreements: lessons in proportionality from research, repositories, and litigation

Material transfer agreements exist to facilitate the exchange of materials and associated data between researchers as well as to protect the interests of the researchers and their institut...
Bioseguridad en Español · 1M ago

Virus contaminations of cell cultures – A biotechnological view

In contrast to contamination by microbes and mycoplasma, which can be relatively easily detected, viral contamination present a serious threat because of the difficulty in detecting some...
Bioseguridad en Español · 1M ago

Material Transfer Agreements: A University Perspective

Fragment: Scientists have traditionally shared research materials freely, and indeed an important criterion for scientific publication has been the unfettered ability of other researchers ...
Bioseguridad en Español · 1M ago

Infección de felinos con influenza H5N1

Existen varios reportes de infecciones de felinos con influenza H5N1. Este virus fué capaz de infectar gatos domésticos, tigres, leopardos, y leones. En todos los casos los felinos se cree...
Bioseguridad en Español · 2M ago

9º Simposio Internacional de Bioseguridad y Biocustodia 2017

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Bioseguridad en Español · 2M ago

Convocatoria Trabajos Libres #SIBB17

Ya se encuentra abierta la convocatoria para el envío de resúmenes para el 9º Simposio de Bioseguridad y Biocustodia, que se llevará a cabo en el Laboratorio Estatal de Salud Pública de Mic...