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Birdernaturalist · 1W ago

SE Peru 1 – Two New Tours From September 2017

Birdernaturalist · 1M ago

Home between Oregon and Peru in September 2017

In early September I had just one full week at home in Tucson before my next tour. I made ...
Birdernaturalist · 1M ago

WINGS Birding Tour to Oregon for the Solar Eclipse

This past August I led a WINGS tour to view the 2017 solar eclipse in my home state in Oregon. My spring tour had canceled for the first time in many years, so I was glad to have a chance to...
Birdernaturalist · 1M ago

2017 In Review: Sani Lodge, Ecuador in August

After my Costa Rica tour I flew home, repacked and spent just one night in my bed, then ea...
Birdernaturalist · 2M ago

2017 in Review: Costa Rica In Summer

I had a busy latter half of 2017 and didn't blog regularly, so I'll be posting highlights ...
Birdernaturalist · 2M ago

A Hoyer Christmas

Christmas Bird Counts weren’t the end of my 12 days in Florida. Of course there was some cooking to be done for Christmas – I made two pies, both from Cook’s Illustrated: Lemon Mousse Pie an...
Birdernaturalist · 2M ago

A Tale of Five CBCs

I do plan on doing some catch-up blogs from the five tours and three scouting trips I’ve conducted since the private tour in Arizona in mid-July. Yes, it’s been a very busy year for me. But ...
Birdernaturalist · 3M ago

To Do List

just back from Bolivia and BrazilTo Do List:Send in passport with photo, form, and $110 for 10-year renewal DONERefresh sourdough startersDo laundryFinish Peru Machu Picchu and Kosñipata p...
Birdernaturalist · 6M ago

An Arizona Private Tour for the Forsyths

This past July I agreed to lead conservationist Sharon Forsyth on a five-day private birdi...
Birdernaturalist · 6M ago

My First Time to Iguazú Falls

To finalize my Brazil tour blog from this past June-July, I’ll just post some photos from our extension to Iguazú Falls. The whole tour group from the Marvelous Mato Grosso tour signed up for the extension, which made the logistics a bit easier than ...