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Birth Of A Notion · 5d ago

May Madness

College sports lovers have March Madness me, this year I have May Madness. My blogging has fallen down into the cracks despite my new theme that I adore. I have been saying it every year for...
Birth Of A Notion · 1W ago

Musical Monday 5/15/17

And did you know it wasn’t until I went to post this post that I saw I missed Saturday Sanc completely? Yeah I have had a lot of Mom duties so I have decided not to beat myself up about it. ...
Birth Of A Notion · 2W ago

Musical Monday 5/8/17

I must pay homage at the start of this week to the crap that was last week. I am sure I should try and look forward and think positive for this week but in all honesty I just can’t. Perhaps ...
Birth Of A Notion · 2W ago

Saturday Sanctuary 5/6/17

Sorry to say this week I do not have my own Sat Sanc written up. It has been a tough week and while I am feeling inspired in someways I am not in others, sorry folks. Though sometimes I don’...
Birth Of A Notion · 4W ago

Saturday Sanctuary 4/29/17

    My hair was tied up in a tight bun at the nape of my neck. Slowly allowing my eyes to flutter shut in bliss, I took in a deep breath. Letting it out slowly , my eyes drifted open and I l...
Birth Of A Notion · 1M ago

Musical Monday 4/24/17

The post Musical Monday 4/24/17 appeared first on Birth of a Notion.
Birth Of A Notion · 1M ago

Saturday Sanctuary 4/22/17

No Saturday Sanc this week. Just a moment of remembrance for the year that has passed since Prince passed. The post Saturday Sanctuary 4/22/17 appeared first on Birth of a Notion.
Birth Of A Notion · 1M ago

The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you.

My crochet has not been going as quickly as it normally does or as I would like it to. I am behind on projects as many who read already know. It makes me sad I really don’t like being this b...
Birth Of A Notion · 1M ago

Musical Monday 4/17/17

Well I am a day late posting but I am going to still put the right date on it. After all I should have posted this yesterday. I planned to as well just never ended up hitting send lol. Yeste...
Birth Of A Notion · 1M ago

Saturday Sanctuary 4/15/17

This weeks Saturday Sanctuary is sticking a toe in the naughty pond again if you are feeling like that any rate. A new theme is on the way and I hope you will all like it too. This weeks ins...