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bitchin'...but not a bitch · 2d ago


You are extremely sensitive to your environment. Recently, I felt the grief of a friend, and I felt it deeply. I excused myself from the people around me, went back to my room and cried for ...
bitchin'...but not a bitch · 6d ago

cracked screen protector

I am trying to learn how to give and foster forgiveness in a bodythat wants none of it.-Sierra DeMulderYesterday I bought a new phone screen protector,because the one I have has a few cracks...
bitchin'...but not a bitch · 6d ago

2017 in review

 We ate donuts. Holden knows my order, and I love to hear him say "maple."  Holden wore me out, wore himself out. I started running again.  We
bitchin'...but not a bitch · 6d ago

favorite books of 2017

2017 was my only full calendar year of grad school. So yeah, I read a shit ton of books. Fifty, to be exact. And if there's one thing I am, with my lists and spreadsheets, it's exact. (only ...
bitchin'...but not a bitch · 3W ago


It was something small that put me into Brandon's mindset.This little ornament that Brandon made for me at school, gave to me in a paper bag he had decorated like a snowman.It said, "to: mom...
bitchin'...but not a bitch · 4W ago


"I don't like your house," Holden hollered from the backseat in my garage. "Why don't you like my house?" I asked, calmly, I hoped. "Because it's too small," he said. "We only stay on the up...
bitchin'...but not a bitch · 1M ago

blue foam cake

My youngest sondoesn't interact withother children.Instead, hemakes me fake food,pen sketches,block buildings--shows them to me,waits for praise.Sometimes I think,in the way parents of 2017 ...
bitchin'...but not a bitch · 1M ago

great healer

My sister is here, in town with her baby.What is it about babies that brings out our smiles? Also, it is a weird phenomenon, being around family. I sing aloud again, do puzzles, dance in the...
bitchin'...but not a bitch · 1M ago

frat bros

I have an addictive personality. In both the chemical and compulsive behavior categories, I like to get fucked up. Fuuuuucked up. I wrote an essay about it this semester: about why I drink o...
bitchin'...but not a bitch · 1M ago

and now a sandwich

It was earlier this week, while I was washing the dishes and Holden was playing with toys in the living room while a Pandora station played that I sighed and thought, "this feels like home."...