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Bits-n-Pieces · 1W ago

Hippity Hop For a Great Discount

Hello Everyone,It is Easter weekend and a busy time. April has been really fast paced for me but before I get too long winded, let me share some great news. I asked for and have received a d...
Bits-n-Pieces · 1M ago

Seeing Green - Emerald That Is. ATCs that shimmer

When Kim sent the box of supplies from Emerald Creek to me last month, I wasn't sure what I was going to make but I sure had a big smile on my face as I was unpacking all the goodies. They h...
Bits-n-Pieces · 1M ago

Oops A Daisy Video Hop

Hello my friends,Today is the release of the #OopsADaisyhop. some friends are joining me on this adventure and I hope you enjoy their contributions as much as I do. They are amazing. So rath...
Bits-n-Pieces · 3M ago


Sorry this is kind of a long post, but I have a lot to share. Today I am starting the remake of my Studio space. The pictures might scare you but it is all part of the process I go through e...
Bits-n-Pieces · 3M ago

Shimmery Art Tags

We have done it again. It is time for another ShimmeryArt challenge. You can see all of the videos on YouTube,              Ina - Shel -
Bits-n-Pieces · 3M ago

Decoart 2017

Just a quick post. Decoart has released great new products for 2017. Check it out. I am so excited. 
Bits-n-Pieces · 3M ago

New Adventures

Hello friends,Some of you may be following my posts on Instagram. If you have, you probably have seen the  stamps I carved this month. Use the hashtag  #carvedecember to see all the lovely s...
Bits-n-Pieces · 4M ago

Winter Shimmery Art

Hello Friends,Today I am sharing another collaboration I did with friends on YouTube. We have started a Facebook group if you have ShimmeryArt you wish to share. Join Us!https://www.facebook...
Bits-n-Pieces · 4M ago

New in December - Fun Stampers Journey News

Check it out.In case you missed it last month ...             I am new to a FUN journey with Fun Stampers Journey.
Bits-n-Pieces · 5M ago


Hello friend,I just thought I would bring you up to date on my November Journal project. Below is a list of the prompts and the pages I have created so far this month. If you want to know mo...