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Black Atheist · 9M ago

Hey, Social Media, It’s Still Unacceptable to Censor Speech

Originally posted on Offered Thoughts: Technology has made communication fast, and sometimes, exceptionally furious. Even the slightest endeavor into the world of social media leaves you vul...
Black Atheist · 11M ago

“You have too many white people on your ‘Black Atheists’ page…”

I applaud the white people that like my page. They liked the page for a reason and whichever reason that may be, I hope they left knowing a different perspective on atheism as well as black ...
Black Atheist · 12M ago

“Is it possible to be accepted as a black atheist without being anti-white?”

Atheism is a simple concept: You lack a deity. That's it. It's kind of different for black people because of how they believe they became religious. I mentioned this before, but not a lot of...
Black Atheist · 1Y ago

Making Jesus Black Doesn’t Make Him Real

Also, stop with "the white man's religion" because it is not. A lot of you equate Christianity with good moral standing when it's not, but you knew that. Arab Muslims were conducting slave t...
Black Atheist · 1Y ago

Oklahoma Passes Bill Making Abortion Illegal

This has to be the most archaic and asinine piece of legislation from her yet.
Black Atheist · 1Y ago

Dear Conservative Religious Parents,

Originally posted on Michael A. Sherlock (Author): Keep oppressing your children. Keep telling them that they were born rotten. Please continue to indoctrinate them with fear and self-loathi...
Black Atheist · 1Y ago

From Faithful to Faithless: My journey to becoming an Atheist.

By Baraka Kofi Asante “I will not take ‘but’ for an answer”- Langston Hughes   Ever grew up believing something you thought was true, you go off to college and the first real lesson you trul...
Black Atheist · 1Y ago

How Religion is Used As Emotional Blackmail/GUEST AUTHOR

by Raven Burnes                        The hymn ended and the preacher launched into a highly emotional and symbolic sermon, recounting how our mothers had given birth to us, how they had nu...
Black Atheist · 1Y ago

The Unwanted | Being Hated By Your Own People

It doesn't take much to be hated by your own people. You simply have to have a different opinion than the majority. Being an atheist,for instance, comes with a lot of people hating you, but...
Black Atheist · 1Y ago

It’s not anti-religious to believe “thoughts and prayers” aren’t enough in the face of an epidemic of gun violence!

Christianist - A person who claims to be a follower of Christian teachings, but actively engages in acts, deeds, and messages that are contrary to the teachings. In short, ignorance of the s...