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blacklilackitty · 1W ago

A Roux of Revenge

A Roux of Revenge By: Connie Archer Genre: Mystery A Roux of Revenge is set in Snowflake, Vermont and is the third Soup Lover’s mystery by Connie Archer. Lucky Jamieson and her crew are busy...
blacklilackitty · 2W ago

Murder on Edisto

Title of Book: Murder on Edisto By: C. Hope Clark Genre: Mystery Book Excerpt: When her husband is murdered by the Russian mob, Boston detective Callie Jean Morgan suffers a mental break and...
blacklilackitty · 2W ago

The Lady in the Attic

                Several years ago while browsing through an Annie’s craft magazine, I saw the advertisement for this book, The Lady in the Attic.  While I was captivated by the title and des...
blacklilackitty · 2W ago

When Mrs. Bookmark applies for a kitchen job

A Scheduled Book Tour My Mum, the Dinner Lady by R. B.N. Bookmark It was April 1972, and I had settled down fairly well at St Iggy’s. The initial brawls to establish my middle ranking in the...
blacklilackitty · 2W ago

3 Ways to Create Red Herrings in Mystery Novels

Red Herrings plays two important roles in a mystery novel.  One, they heighten the suspense and two, add challenges to solving the mystery by misleading the reader/sleuth. A writer can creat...
blacklilackitty · 2W ago

What is a Red Herring in a Mystery Novel?

What is a Red Herring? A red herring is something in a mystery novel or story that appears to be a clue but instead is a false clue that sends readers apprehending someone who is not the rea...
blacklilackitty · 3W ago

Death Pledges a Sorority

Title of Book: Death Pledges a Sorority By: M. K. Scott Genre: Cozy Mystery Book Excerpt: Mark had asked her to find out who the victim and the murderer were in the game. She pulled out her ...
blacklilackitty · 1M ago

Molly’s Misadventures

Title of Book: Molly’s Misadventures By: D. E. Haggerty Genre: Romantic Comedy Book Excerpt: Danny clears his throat and turns to me. “I was going to ask you something about your blog.” I ra...
blacklilackitty · 1M ago

Happy Valentine’s Day & Freebies Too

Today is Valentine’s Day.  A day filled with love and FREE gifts from your loved one(s). I have searched Amazon for some FREEBIES for you. Hope you will enjoy them and take some time to visi...
blacklilackitty · 1M ago

William Goldman quote

“Do I love you? My God, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.” ~William Goldman, The Princess Bride