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Blissful Hiking Thoughts · 2W ago

Campfire Talk

Okay, let's talk campfire lingo. Snap. Spark. Heat. Glow. Entertainment. S'mores. People-pleaser. Fires seem to be the mainstay of an evening sojourn in the woods. Done properly and with ca...
Blissful Hiking Thoughts · 1Y ago

Preventing Heat-Related Ilnesses while Backpacking and Hiking

Reposting this after seeing an article about a hiker with failing organs due to sunstroke. Be careful out there, esp with the humidity also!! It’s the height of summer and time for great ...
Blissful Hiking Thoughts · 1M ago

Bear Facts of the Trail

I photographed this bear in a tree in Great Smoky Mountains National Park And this bear up a tree in Shenandoah Bears can be a hot topic in the hiker forums. After the recent events wher...
Blissful Hiking Thoughts · 2M ago

Rain... Part of a Hiker's Life

Blissful in the fog of PA before descending down to Palmerton I felt like tonight I should blog about rain, since many hikers out this year are going to encounter rain. And not just any rai...
Blissful Hiking Thoughts · 2M ago

Be Inspired to Overcome Challenges and Hike!

Blissful Hiking Thoughts · 2M ago

Town Etiquette for Hikers

It happens every year on the Appalachian Trail. Yet another trail provider has discontinued its use to hikers because of bad behavior. Some businesses like motels no longer offering discoun...
Blissful Hiking Thoughts · 3M ago

Sickness on the Trail

It's that time of year once more - when hikers head for the trails and disease follows. The chief complaint on the trail like the Appalachian Trail is the Norovirus, which seems to strike ev...
Blissful Hiking Thoughts · 3M ago

Lessons Learned on What Works and Doesn’t Work on a Long Distance Trek

Things I have heard to take on a long distance trek that just don’t work for me. Sorry. Case in point - 1. Duct Tape – this is the proverbial go-to for first aid on all types of blist...
Blissful Hiking Thoughts · 4M ago

10th Anniversary of a Thru Hike - Anniversary of our Start!

The day has arrived! Our first day on the trail - March 5, 2007. Ten years have passed since our trek up the Approach Trail to the southern terminus at Springer Mountain. For me it was seei...
Blissful Hiking Thoughts · 4M ago

10th Anniversary of a Thru Hike - Part 4 - Unexpected Delays

Who has not had plans go awry when you least expect it. So it was for our hike in 2007. We had intended to leave the night before on Feb 28th to begin our hike March 1st and the start of a n...