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Blitzwalkers · 1w ago

Firemen Remembered at Invicta Road

The Invicta Road plaque in situ overlooking the school playground (author's photo)On Thursday last, 16 March 2017, I was fortunate enough to attend the unveiling ceremony of the latest memor...
Blitzwalkers · 3W ago

His Majesty's Stationery Office at War

One of the many bonuses of my job as a guide, speaker and researcher is being able to indulge myself in one of my old hobbies of collecting old books, although this is something of a double-...
Blitzwalkers · 2M ago

Accidental Researching in Charlton

The grave of Flight Lieut FJ Kemp at Charlton Cemetery (author's photo)Since taking the plunge in 2015 and becoming a full time researcher and guide, with the time available for research no ...
Blitzwalkers · 3M ago

Out of the Ruins

The 1950 Ordnance Survey Map of Greenwich Town Centre (Dave Wood)Regular readers of this blog may remember that back in February of this year, we looked at a fascinating photograph that had ...
Blitzwalkers · 4M ago

An Ordinary Hero

Ordinary Seaman Jack Dorrington (Dorrington family collection)
Blitzwalkers · 4M ago

Book Review: Jewish Participation in the Fire Service in the Second World War

With the spectre of anti-Semitism still sadly very much in the news in recent times, Jewish Participation in the Fire Service in the Second World War is a timely reminder of how a large prop...
Blitzwalkers · 5M ago

Real to Reel

Choosing one's favourite war movies is by definition, an extremely subjective process. Even deciding what actually constitutes a war film can become a matter of intense debate between frien...
Blitzwalkers · 6M ago

The 'other' St Paul's - the first church in London to be bombed

St Paul's Church in ruins with Rev. Campling inspecting the damage (Greenwich Heritage Centre)It is sometimes hard to believe that I am now well into the seventh year of writing this blog. L...
Blitzwalkers · 7M ago

A Little More from Lilliput

Reclining Figures sketched by Henry Moore at Liverpool Street (author's collection)Regular readers will hopefully remember the March 2016 edition of this blog in which we looked at the warti...
Blitzwalkers · 8M ago

Westminster's Monuments to War

As regular readers of this blog will no doubt be aware, I have accumulated over the years a fairly vast collection of photographs recording London's 'footprints' of her wartime past. These t...