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Blog About a Dog In Search of the Best Ballpark Hot Dog

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Blog About a Dog · 3W ago

Year of the Dog

Man, time flies when you are having fun. In case you have forgotten, after two summers of driving at least 19,000 miles to have a hot dog at each of the 30 MLB ballparks, I took last summer ...
Blog About a Dog · 3W ago

VBT Globe Life Park: The Nolan Ryan

If you watched baseball in the late 1960's, all of the 70s, 80s and much of the 90s you know who Nolan Ryan is. He holds the MLB record for career strikeouts and pitched an incredible SEVEN, that's right SEVEN, no hitters. He was in the top few of th...
Blog About a Dog · 4W ago

VBT Turner Field/Sun Trust Park: The Dixie Dog

Time for the dog that does dual purpose. When I came up with the idea of creating a hot dog for every ballpark, the Atlanta Braves were playing at Turner Field. Now that ancient stadium has been abandoned by the Braves. It was all of 17 years old (as...
Blog About a Dog · 4W ago

VBT Yankee Stadium: The Fugetaboutit

Ahhh, the New York Yankees. A team you either love or hate. In fact, one of my favorite teams is whoever plays the Yankees. Not a fan. Not a fan of Yankee Stadium either. It looks a lot like old Yankee Stadium, of which I was also not a fan. Hate the...
Blog About a Dog · 1M ago

VBT Kauffman Stadium: The Meat Bomb

Back in the day, which for the record was long before I was born, most beef was transported via cattle drives. Cows were driven in herds from the southwest up famous trails like the Chisholm and Great Western, destination: Kansas. Meat is one of the ...
Blog About a Dog · 4M ago


Blog About a Dog got its 100,000th view this week. Thanks for all of your time and interest in the great american hot dog and our national pastime. More delicious posts to come!!!!
Blog About a Dog · 4M ago

VBT Citizens Bank Park: The Balboa Dog

Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love, unless your name happens to be Rocky Balboa. Then it is the city where you get your face bashed in movie after movie. While fiction, America's favorite underdog boxer will always be soundly connected to Phi...
Blog About a Dog · 5M ago

VBT Minute Maid Park: The Apollo 13

Gather 'round kids. Uncle Tom is going to tell you about once upon a time when America had an actual manned spaceflight program. It was tremendous. We even went to the moon! Now, we have som...
Blog About a Dog · 5M ago

VBT Nationals Park: The Politician

Ahhhhhh, our nation's capitol. Full of history, monuments, museums and....sleaze. Too bad the Nationals ended up in Washington DC instead of Charlotte when they moved from Montreal. The District of Columbia would be a great town if it wasn't full of ...
Blog About a Dog · 5M ago

VBT Angel Stadium: All Dogs Go to Heaven

Nearly everyone has had a dog that eventually crossed the rainbow bridge. It is an absolute life cruelty that dogs only live for about 10-15 years. Nothing is more heartbreaking than losing your best friend. But with the unbridled goodness that lives...