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Blog on the Run: Reloaded · 1W ago

ESPN, journalism, and what the network owes people of color

The question isn’t why Jemele Hill said what she said. The question is why ESPN isn’t saying the same thing. ESPN, which is not known for having the most perspicacious and nimble PR departme...
Blog on the Run: Reloaded · 2W ago

“For thou art with us …”

As is my custom on this day, I’m going back to read Sarah “Sars” Bunting’s post-9/11 essay, “For Thou Art With Us,” and I strongly urge you to do the same.Filed under: Sad Tagged: 9/11
Blog on the Run: Reloaded · 3W ago

Blood and dirt; or, Why one cop’s illegal attempt to draw blood suggests a culture of corruption

The case of the Salt Lake City cop who arrested a nurse who refused to break the law for him looks bad on the surface. Underneath the surface, it looks a lot worse. Detective Jeff Payne of t...
Blog on the Run: Reloaded · 1M ago

“Be nice to me or I won’t support impeachment.”

So today on Facebook I stumbled across a butthurt Republican woman complaining that someone else had pointed out the obvious fact that the Republican Party has been dining out on racism and ...
Blog on the Run: Reloaded · 1M ago

Trump assumes the chancellorship

It took a tragedy, but we now know, finally and forever, who Donald Trump is: He’s a Nazi. We learned this as the result of the “Unite the Right” march in Charlottesville, Va., during which ...
Blog on the Run: Reloaded · 1M ago

What I would like to do on my summer vacation

The summer of 1981 should have been so much better for me than it was. But it could have been so much worse than it was, too. As Tony, who has his own take on it, describes, he and I were sh...
Blog on the Run: Reloaded · 2M ago

The best election money can steal

Dolt 45’s poll numbers continue to tank, and the Senate Republicans’ “health care” plan is polling down around the levels of cat poop: As of earlier this week, only 12% of Americans supporte...
Blog on the Run: Reloaded · 3M ago

American Gulag

This is a first for Blog on the Run: a guest post. The author is a contemporary of mine who has top academic credentials in German and Soviet history. Her comments refer to this article, pub...
Blog on the Run: Reloaded · 4M ago

Grounds for impeachment

The Washington Post’s newest story on Donald Trump makes a good time to stop and assess where we are right now. And where we are right now is damned depressing. Were I a member of the U.S. H...
Blog on the Run: Reloaded · 4M ago

What colleges and universities DON’T owe would-be speakers

I’m one of those weirdoes who thinks that, once invited by a Berkeley student group in good standing, Ann Coulter should have been allowed to speak at Berkeley, or at least given the same co...