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English - Europe, Eu · 2d ago

[Guest post] Anti-civil rhetoric: reborn brotherhood of Hungary and Poland?

Brussels, 20th February 2016 – Shrinking civil society space in Europe and it’s impact on ... · 2d ago

Lasciate stare l’euro, le cause della stagnazione italiana sono altrove

  Questo mio articolo è stato pubblicato su Il Foglio Quotidiano il 16 febbraio 2017. L’economia italiana cresce dell’1,1 per cento ma il pil reale pro capite rimane sotto il livello del 199... · 2d ago

Interview with Christophe Leclercq for the book “Rebranding Europe. Fundamentals for Leadership Communication”

In the frame of a series of interviews conducted for his book “Rebranding Europe”, Stavros Papagianneas interviewed Christophe Leclercq, Founder of EurActiv in October 2016. The book will be... · 2d ago

Do I “accept” that Britain is leaving the EU?

Iain Dale has penned a pretty flimsy piece trying to justify May’s current Brexit course in light of what happened before the referendum here. I am not going to revisit why that argument is ... · 2d ago

L’Europe malade de ses Etats : Jean-Claude Juncker jette l’éponge

Lors d’une interview réalisée par la radio publique allemande Deutschlandfunk diffusée le 12 février dernier, Jean-Claude Juncker a confirmé qu’il ne se présenterait pas pour un second manda... · 2d ago

#FactOfTheDay: The future of EU-U.S. relations – Did Pence bring the wind of change?

Today the American Vice-President Mike Pence was in Brussels for holding talks with EU officials. His visit follows contrastive and confusional signals coming from USA since the election of ... · 2d ago

The two versions of the £350 million for the NHS slogan

The lines in Iain Dale’s blog post about the EU referendum yesterday started to gnaw at me... · 2d ago

La sécurité ronge-t-elle nos droits ? Partie I: l’état d’urgence

Début 2017, Amnesty International a publié un rapport de 73 pages sur la dégradation des droits des personnes et des droits fondamentaux dans l’Union Européenne, due à l’ampleur croissante d... · 2d ago

Running Commentary IX

Remainers look for meaning The second reading debate in the House of Lords (20-21 February) on the Bill to allow Theresa May to pull the trigger on Article 50 turned on whether parliament sh... · 4d ago

The Remainers – the instinctive insiders

After Tony Blair’s Brexit speech last week, former Deputy Director of Britain Stronger in Europe (and now Edelman exec) Lucy Thomas tweeted this: Not all former Remain campaigners agree with...