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English - Europe, Eu · 2d ago

As Macron sets off, why is Britain’s political centre stuck in the sand?

In times of Brexit, a look at why Macron succeeded in imposing his brand of political centrism, where the Liberal Democrats failed. Emmanuel Macron was elected in 2017 and no-one was surpris... · 2d ago

The EU summit to be inspired by French President’s reform ideas

This week, the latest EU summit – which is another name given to the meeting up of all EU heads of state at the European Council – will take place in Brussels for two days, until Friday the ... · 2d ago

Feeding people, or feeding the bioenergy industry? Europe has a choice

By Marc Herman The European Union is currently reviewing policies crucial for Europe’s response to the two most pressing challenges of our time: ending hunger and fighting climate change. Th... · 2d ago


Voici quelques semaines un consultant en e-reputation me propose ses services. Je le google. Et découvre, non sans étonnement sa … mauvaise réputation. Toute possibilité de collaboration s’e... · 2d ago


A few weeks ago, a consultant specialised in ‘e-reputation’ offered his services to me. I Googled him, and not without surprise, I discovered that…he has a bad reputation! From that moment, ... · 2d ago

Are cities cool? Insights for Urban Agendas

The title of the book “Cool Cities”, written by Benjamin Barber, plays with the different dimensions of climate change that can be tackled at local level and even the mood for doing it. It i... · 3d ago

Explorers of the “blue gold”

Guest post by Dan Luca, Senior Director of EURACTIV and lecturer on communication techniques and the European Union at VUB, ULB Brussels and SNSPA Bucharest. Why do I work in Brussels? The “... · 3d ago

EP: Visegrad Quartet In Accord Over Gas Security

Soon the EU Council will approve a regulation on energy security. Visegrad MEPs were instrumental in securing it. Wojciech Gąsior V4 MEPs are among the most influential in the EP when it com... · 3d ago

The youth is leading in Climate Action, and this great initiative proves it!

By Mostafa Darwish & Arthur Wyns Climate Action is necessary on all levels, from changing personal behaviour to promoting sustainable businesses & entrepreneurship. Climate-KIC – or the Know... · 4d ago

A Single President is Exactly What the EU Needs

Guest post by Corey Cooper, Europe Fellow at Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP). He is also a Research Associate in US Foreign Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations. Last mont...