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Blue Starr Gallery · 8h ago

The American Beech

I noticed a beech tree down the hill from my back door. Leaves from every other deciduous tree have long since fallen to the ground but the beech tree holds on to it's leaves till Spring. Ga...
Blue Starr Gallery · 1d ago

Rectangular Butter Dish and Butter Knives

Here's the revised rectangular butter dish. Hope this one fires ok. I plan on alternating ...
Blue Starr Gallery · 2d ago

Couple of Mugs

 After I made the butter dishes yesterday I made a couple of mugs. This one is coffee sized.This one is espresso sized. Stay tuned for another butter dish.. Thanks for reading and for all yo...
Blue Starr Gallery · 3d ago

Revised Butter Dish

I modified my template for the curved butter dish to be slightly larger and changed the handle. We shall see how this one turns out. Tomorrow I'll make one of the rectangular butter dishes w...
Blue Starr Gallery · 4d ago

Free Solar Heat

Two years ago we enclosed the lower porch. The porch faces directly South. In winter the s...
Blue Starr Gallery · 5d ago

More Snow; Power Off, On, Off, On

 more snow over night, about 5 more inches then the sun came out electricity off again
Blue Starr Gallery · 6d ago


 This morning it started snowing in earnestluckily we stocked up on supplies.the snow is w...
Blue Starr Gallery · 6d ago

Flying Chipmunks, Voles and Mice

When we returned from vacation we found another meadow vole Barney left for us inside his ...
Blue Starr Gallery · 1W ago

Additions to the Menagerie

 Right before the past two showsI added to my menagerie on wood.  The louver doors worked really wellto hang these with S hooks. This winter I plan to do more paintingbut on canvas boardI'd like to paint some landscapesand some cabin scenesmaybe try ...
Blue Starr Gallery · 1W ago

Everything is Golden

Everything is goldenat our homecrimson, rose, and orange too