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Blue Starr Gallery · 22h ago

A Clockwork Orange

What in the heck are these discs for? They're clock faces. (This first one made me think of A Clockwork Orange. I had forgotten how violent that novel was. Makes me think of several terrible...
Blue Starr Gallery · 2d ago

Death of a Groundhog

We had a pretty good day today then on the way home tragedy struck. Our neighborhood groun...
Blue Starr Gallery · 3d ago

Bison Meatloaf

Every so often I splurge on ground bison for meatloaf. Ground bison is just over $10 a pou...
Blue Starr Gallery · 4d ago

Call of the Black Capped Chickadee

sourceEvery day this week I've heard this beautiful two note call from a bird in the forest surrounding my home. I finally figured out it's the call of the Black Capped Chickadee. I am amaze...
Blue Starr Gallery · 5d ago

Leftover Clay

Whenever I make something with clay I have leftover clay. Since I work with soft clay I im...
Blue Starr Gallery · 6d ago

Butter Dish Number 3

Third time's a charm? Thanks to Joanne's help, butter dish number 3 is more to my liking. ...
Blue Starr Gallery · 1w ago

Curved Top Butter Dish

Here's a curved top butter dish. I used a open weave vegetable plastic to make the texture...
Blue Starr Gallery · 1W ago


 pear peach red maple
Blue Starr Gallery · 1W ago

Butter Dish Template Tribulations

For some time I've been thinking of making a covered butter dish but hesitated because of the complexity of the task, butter dish template tribulations. Today I decided to push through my hesitation. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. Ther...
Blue Starr Gallery · 1W ago

Stir Fried Chinese Long Beans

You know I like trying new foods. Saturday I saw some really long beans at the farmer's ma...