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Blue Starr Gallery · 9h ago

Pathway to Nowhere

Doesn't it seem like the stepping stones are a pathway to nowhere? We do have a plan; the pathway will eventually, hopefully lead somewhere. This summer little by little we will (try to) build a garden (storage/greenhouse) shed at the end of the path...
Blue Starr Gallery · 2d ago

Chicken Verde - Very Quick & Easy

So quick and delicious you'll be amazed. Preheat oven to 350 F. Take any cut of chicken bu...
Blue Starr Gallery · 3d ago

Stop School Shootings - Two Words

Stop School Shootings - Two WordsGun SafeOne EntranceSame ExitMetal DetectorArmed OfficerArmed TeachersSafety DrillsSay SomethingMental HealthStop BullyingDo Something
Blue Starr Gallery · 4d ago

Lettuce Harvest & Modified Caesar Salad

With the sudden weather warm-up my lettuce is maturing all at the same time. Notice there ...
Blue Starr Gallery · 5d ago

Wilted Arugula and Exotic Mushrooms with Arugula Flowers

Today I picked more arugula and decided to use the fresh picked leaves and flowers with the exotic mushrooms I purchased at the farmer's market. I am using the smaller side leaves because th...
Blue Starr Gallery · 1w ago

Landscape Spending to Save

The longer we live here the more difficult the steep slope is to maintain. Never mind walking on it; I can't do it so Gary has to do all the maintenance. Here's a bird's eye view of the lower terrace. To the left you see the vinca vines I planted two...
Blue Starr Gallery · 1W ago

Happy Mother's Day

Here are the ceramic flowers I made from this latest firing. I like the one with the yellow center and blue exterior. It takes a bit of doing to make the stamen and to glaze them a contrasti...
Blue Starr Gallery · 1W ago

Mugs In Colors

These are the mugs from the last firing. I thought they were so big. Turns out they aren't large enough for today's taste in large mugs. I can never judge how much larger greenware looks tha...
Blue Starr Gallery · 1W ago

Three Butter Dishes

Here are the three butter dishes from this firing. The size of these three is much better ...
Blue Starr Gallery · 2W ago

For the Birds

After spending all that time finding the crate, gift boxes, and making the nests for the b...