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bluegrassnotes · 15h ago

Being a trailblazer

Last time I talked about a recent phone conversation that has been a big spark for thinking about this transition time I’ve been in.  The same discussion ignited a lengthy examination of my ...
bluegrassnotes · 1d ago

Still in the in between

I’ve been saying for several years now that I feel like I’m in a transition phase.  After years of almost non-stop emotional processing, spiritual practices and physical healing (all intertw...
bluegrassnotes · 1W ago

Dungeon Prompts: Needing Some Inspiration

This week’s Dungeon Prompt: When you’re feeling down or just need a push forward with your day, where do you look for inspiration?  What drives you, or keeps you smiling?  Or when you’re rea...
bluegrassnotes · 1W ago

Dungeon Prompts: Mission Statement

I’m running behind on everything blog lately so I’m just getting to last week’s Dungeon Prompt and will try to do better with the one that went up today… If the journey of your life could be...
bluegrassnotes · 3W ago

Dungeon Prompts: Where the Wild Things Are

This week’s Dungeon Prompt: This week’s prompt is:  Where the Wild Things are. Tell us all about one of the more wilder things you’ve done in your life that looks a little out of place when ...
bluegrassnotes · 1M ago

Dungeon Prompts: Utopia

I was so surprised and pleased to see a Dungeon Prompt in my Reader (I’ve been a bit behind so I missed the first one) after Sreejit took a long hiatus. This week’s prompt: We all have a dif...
bluegrassnotes · 1M ago

The Good Thing Harvey Washed Away

Originally posted on My Best Laid Plans: There’s not much in the world I can truly say I hate. But I hate Harvey. We have been sitting here for more hours than I can begin to count being bru...
bluegrassnotes · 1M ago

Waking up: time to change perception

With increasing certainty I’m seeing how deeply most of us are captured by a set of widely-held beliefs and how hard it is to step outside the frame to see any other world view as true.  I’m...
bluegrassnotes · 2M ago

J2P Turning to Peaceful Activism

  The plan when you last heard from me was to write a J2P post exploring the current thrall of the media and healing and that’s still coming but I’ve been sidetracking into explorations of t...
bluegrassnotes · 2M ago


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