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Early National Systems: Millennial Hopes, III (Catholics in America)

Catholics in America were Millennialists, not in name or official doctrine, but in other more fundamental ways. Should a visiting alien observe antebellum America’s religious practice, he/sh...'s Blog · 2Y ago

Early National Systems: Millennial Hope, II. William Miller.

Joseph Smith seems wedged in the creases of nineteenth-century Protestant worldviews in any number of ways. From Election to Scripture, to Millennial aspiration, he separated, combined, and ...'s Blog · 2Y ago

Early National Systems: Millennial Hope, I

Many Americans in antebellum times saw their nation as an engine for the bright future of biblical end times. Ranging from Henry Clay’s practical and even semi-realistic “American System”[1]...'s Blog · 2Y ago

Review. Jeremiah’s Scribes: Creating Sermon Literature in Puritan New England

Jeremiah’s Scribes : Creating Sermon Literature in Puritan New England Meredith Marie Neuman University of Pennsylvania Press (Philadelphia) 2013. Hardcover: $64.00 (Amazon). 280 pages. I ha...'s Blog · 2Y ago

High Resolution Scans Now Available for the Complete Jonathan Edwards Collection at Yale and Andover Newton Theological School

Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, completed a high-resolution scan of the entire Edwards Collections at both Yale University and Andover Newton Theological School....'s Blog · 2Y ago

Review: First Principles and Ordinances

First Principles and Ordinances: The Fourth Article of Faith in Light of the Temple Samuel M. Brown Provo, Utah: Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship, 2014. Joseph Smith was b...'s Blog · 2Y ago

Release of the Final Volume in the Journals Series, Joseph Smith Papers

[Cross-Posted as BCC] Capturing Joseph Smith on paper has been a goal of Mormon church historians for almost two hundred years. First efforts involved scribal minutes of church meetings, rec...'s Blog · 2Y ago

Joseph Smith Papers Recent Content Bump

The Joseph Smith Papers has added significant new content on their web page. Nearly one hundred and fifty more documents from 1841, including priesthood licenses and land deeds for Nauvoo, I...