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Bodywork Buddy · 5d ago

Are Draining Clients Holding You Back?

You know those clients that seem to suck your energy and leave you feeling drained after working with or dealing with them in any way? It may be difficult to pin down why exactly they drain ...
Bodywork Buddy · 2W ago

What Are Your Services Worth?

How do you determine what to charge for your services?While this podcast is about a graphic design company, I think the takeaways can be applied to a massage business as well. "What are you ...
Bodywork Buddy · 2W ago

An Easy Change to Get Out of a Rut in Your Massage Business

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut with my massage practice without even realizing it. Usually when I switch up my music, or change my routine within my sessions, I'll feel refreshed and that's ...
Bodywork Buddy · 4W ago

Bodywork Buddy Member Spotlight: Jennifer Rosa

Today's Bodywork Buddy member spotlight is Jennifer Rosa. Jennifer owns A Touch of Sole in...
Bodywork Buddy · 1M ago

Master Your Screening Process for Creeper Clients

Did you see this post last week on Bored Panda directly addressing Mr. Massage Creeper? (Or could be Ms. too, I suppose!)We’ve all been there, unfortunately. Unlike most professions, license...
Bodywork Buddy · 1M ago

How to Make Free Events Suck Less

Ever been asked to work for free doing chair massage to promote yourself? To do it for “the exposure”?“
Bodywork Buddy · 1M ago

What If Your Client Forgot To Fill Out Their Online Intake Form Before Their Appointment?

Within Bodywork Buddy, you can email new clients (or existing clients, for that matter!) an online intake form that they can fill out securely online before their appointment. But what about...
Bodywork Buddy · 1M ago

6 Ways Essential Oils Will Add Value To Your Massage Business

I know what you’re thinking… MLM company? But I started using doTERRA essential oils a couple of years ago, and have totally fallen in love with them. I had used another oil company years ago, earlier in my massage career. While I liked the oils, and...
Bodywork Buddy · 1M ago

Marketing Your Massage Business in Just a Few Hours a Week {Guest Post by Gael Wood}

We all know that marketing a massage business takes time, money and creativity, and most of us would like to save on the first two. You CAN market your massage business in just a few hours a...
Bodywork Buddy · 1M ago

What You May Not Know About Facebook Check-ins

You have a Facebook page for your massage business, right? Not only is a great way to get keep in touch with clients and reach prospective new clients on Facebook, it's a helpful tool for re...