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Bodywork Buddy · 19h ago

How Wording Can Improve Your Confirmation and Reminder Emails

Struggling with how to phrase your confirmation and reminder emails to clients? While Bodywork Buddy online scheduling has some basic text with info about their appointment details, we also ...
Bodywork Buddy · 4d ago

How to Take Control of Your Passwords

In today's tech world, we all have a million passwords for a million different accounts. Y...
Bodywork Buddy · 6d ago

3 Ted Talks About the Power of Touch

Published on Apr 19, 2016Throughout your day today, how often and for how long have you been touched by someone? How often have you touched someone else? Massage therapist Jane Anderson expl...
Bodywork Buddy · 1W ago

The Best Spa Hotels in the World {Guest Post by Jay Williams}

The Best Spa Hotels in the WorldA definitive list of the best spa hotels is always going to be subjective and open to individual’s expectations, but a great hotel spa should leave you feelin...
Bodywork Buddy · 1W ago

The Truth in Your Marketing {Guest Post by Erin Howk}

We're all marketing ourselves every day, whether we think we are or not.http://www.roflcat...
Bodywork Buddy · 1W ago

One Simple Trick to Get More Massage Clients Online

Testimonials and reviews help build trust with potential clients, resulting in them being ...
Bodywork Buddy · 2W ago

Using Video Marketing to Boost Your Online Bookings {Guest Post by Sachiyo Langlois}

If you are an Ashiatsu Therapist, I am sure that you get a lot of - " So.... what do you? ...
Bodywork Buddy · 2W ago

Before You Email Clients, Do These 6 Things

A question came up in the Bodywork Buddies Facebook group the other day about promotional ...
Bodywork Buddy · 2W ago

Bodywork Buddy Member Spotlight: Erin Onyskow

Today's Bodywork Buddy member spotlight is Erin Onyskow. Erin is a Certified Massage Thera...
Bodywork Buddy · 2W ago

Retooling Your Barefoot Massage

I had the good fortune to be a guest client for Mary-Claire and Abigail’s FasciAshi FUNdamentals class in Battle Creek, Michigan this past weekend. Even after having taught ba