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Boing Boing · 7h ago

There's a new James album coming out!

If you came of age in the 1990s, you couldn't help but know the lyrics to at least one J...
Boing Boing · 8h ago

Some Simpson jokes that go over kids' heads

Children's shows often include jokes to give a little "nudge nudge wink wink" to grown-u...
Boing Boing · 11h ago

Chernobyl pups find forever homes

Hey, remember a few months back when we told you about the dogs of Chernobyl? If not, long...
Boing Boing · 12h ago

Apple bends to Chinese government demands... again

One of the best reasons to buy a piece of Apple hardware, in my opinion, is the company’s ...
Boing Boing · 12h ago

If Amazon existed in the 1980s

Activate your willing suspension of disbelief because Squirrel Monkey's back with Wonde...
Boing Boing · 12h ago

Silly Putty is fun for most everyone

I still buy multi-packs of the red egg. My daughter is into Aaron's Thinking Putty, but I find Silly Putty to be the ultimate fidget toy. Lifting newsprint ruins the putty, so buy a few ...
Boing Boing · 13h ago

London's Variety Club for Kids: Cabaret for all ages, May 29/30

Showman Mat Ricardo (previously) writes, "I've always thought it was a shame that the resurgence in cabaret and variety shows has tended to be adult-centric. Late night sexy circus shenani...
Boing Boing · 14h ago

Explaining marine invertebrate reproductive strategies to the lobster-obsessed Jordan Peterson

Alt-right darling Jordan Peterson is a big fan of hierarchies, which he says are innate to the human condition, something he knows because lobsters have social hierarchies. (more…)
Boing Boing · 14h ago

Supreme Court rules that employers can make signing away your right to sue them in a class a condition of employment

Supreme Court Justice Neal Gorsuch used his stolen Supreme Court seat to carry the day fo...
Boing Boing · 14h ago

Mark Dery visits the "David Bowie is" exhibit

My favorite culture critic, the inimitable Mark Dery, visited the "David Bowie is" exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. Author of the excellent "All the Young Dudes: Why Glam Rock Matters," ...