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Boing Boing · 22m ago

Kickstarting gorgeous, illustrated slipcased classics with art from Pope, Shimuzu and Sienkiewicz

Zachary Zmith writes, "A Kickstarter is funding beautifully-designed and illustrated edit...
Boing Boing · 46m ago

The anti-Net Neutrality bots that flooded the FCC impersonated dead people

Half a million fake, identical anti-Net Neutrality comments were posted on the FCC's docket on killing Net Neutrality, using identities that appear to have been stolen from a voter registra...
Boing Boing · 1h ago

A dystopian reboot of some sponsored Internet of Shit content

Dan Hon (previously) took note of a sponsored tweet in The Atlantic's Twitter feed: "SPONSORED: The future city: What changes when everything is connected? #MSFTCloud #ad" and decided to ha...
Boing Boing · 16h ago

Leaks: Mercenaries targeted Standing Rock water protectors with anti-terrorist tactics

Tigerswan, a secretive private mercenary company, was hired by Energy Transfer Partners t...
Boing Boing · 16h ago

The Malta Files: a European version of the Panama Papers, revealing a global web of corruption

On Friday, a variety of news outlets around the world published the Malta Files, a cache ...
Boing Boing · 18h ago

Time-lapse of Juno's Jupiter fly-by Composited by Sean Doran from images taken by NASA's Juno probe. Previously: Jupiter's south pole.
Boing Boing · 18h ago

Gorgeous lip art elevates the lipstick game

On her Instagram, Andrea Reed of Girl Grey Beauty creates gorgeously complex lip designs t...
Boing Boing · 18h ago

Totally awesome animated music video starring Ronald Jenkees

Last month, musician and YouTube superstar Ronald Jenkees dropped his latest album Rhodes Deep. In honor of this delight, fan Ben Luce created this terrific animation called Quest for the...
Boing Boing · 20h ago

Keep your Mac healthy with Drive Genius 5

While some people still maintain that everything in Apple’s walled garden “just works” and...
Boing Boing · 1d ago

The Realist: trenchant, beautifully surreal Israeli comics about a sweet and complicated existence