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Bonney Lassie · 5d ago

One Last Disneyland Post -- What the Heck is It?

There were a few plants that I saw at Disneyland that I didn't recognize but that intrigued me. I'm hoping some Californian readers out there can identify them for me.Sorry I didn't get a go...
Bonney Lassie · 1W ago

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day -- February 2017

It's hard to believe February is already half done. Miraculously, there seems to be quite a lot blooming, in the garden, when you look closely enough.Mahonia x media 'CharityGarrya (could be...
Bonney Lassie · 1W ago

Happy Valentine's Day!

Every year at this time the Bilbergia nutans, aka Queen's Tears, flowers, often unnoticed in an out-of-the-way spot in the greenhouse. When I see that flash of color I pull it out and put it...
Bonney Lassie · 2W ago

Stabby Plants At Disneyland

The trouble with me taking pictures of plants at Disneyland in Southern California is that the ones I gravitate toward are the ones I recognize. Back home in the Seattle area, monstrously hu...
Bonney Lassie · 2W ago

Wednesday Vignette

For this week's Wednesday Vignette, I'm sharing another couple of shots from my recent trip to Disneyland, of Agaves at Downtown Disney. I'm not an Agave expert, but these in the first pic l...
Bonney Lassie · 2W ago

An Unpresidented Amount of Snow

Oops, sorry, that post title was a typo. It should have said "An Unprecedented Amount of Snow."But, honestly, unprecedented is not really accurate, I guess it's an alternate fact. (In case y...
Bonney Lassie · 2W ago

Wednesday Vignette -- A Perfect Pick-Me-Up

If you're a winter-weary PNWer, I know the perfect pick-me-up. Pack a suitcase and park your butt on a plane bound for southern California ASAP. It's only about a 2 1/2-hour flight, and ther...
Bonney Lassie · 1M ago

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day -- January 2017

My first Garden Bloggers Bloom Day of 2017 finds me with very few blooms. There are probably some Mahonia flowers out there in the garden, but it's very cold out there, and I didn't feel lik...
Bonney Lassie · 1M ago

Rootin' Tootin' Brugmansia

Before I moved my Brugmansias into the garage for the winter, I cut a few bits and pieces off and tried rooting them. I don't really need any more, as long as the three big ones I have survi...
Bonney Lassie · 1M ago

Making Tracks

For my Wednesday Vignette I'm sharing a picture taken a few weeks ago of bird tracks in the snow.Anna at Flutter & Hum hosts Wednesday Vignette. Check out her post here.