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Book Reader's Heaven · 10h ago

Lawrence W. Gold Presents One of His Finest in Latest Brier Hospital Novel!

When Joyce and Norman returned home with David and Luke, it was clear in an instant that life would never be the same. Suddenly, they needed to confront the reality of needy twin baby boys. Norman, a modern, enlightened father, had taken time off to ...
Book Reader's Heaven · 2d ago

Fantastic YA-Adult Story by Staci Stallings - Whisper If You Have To: A Contemporary Christian Romance

“You ready for this?” Kyle asked when Chad slid into the front seat of the little four-door car. It wasn’t great, but it ran. And it was better than walking. “I was born ready.”  Chad shifted his attention to the back. “Hey, Brooke.” “Hey,” she said,...
Book Reader's Heaven · 4d ago

Direct from Martha's Vineyard, Adolfo Caso Presents Weston Bucolic 2

Weston Bucolic 2Adolph Caso
Book Reader's Heaven · 6d ago

Come on! We're Visiting Cuba with Tour Guide Carole P. Roman

Book Reader's Heaven · 1w ago

Blood Moon - Second in Fantastic Series by Alexandra Sokoloff

After not much sleep on his delayed plane, Roarke walked out of the Civic Center BART station into a gorgeous day... And he pretended he wasn't expecting to see Cara Lindstrom at every intersection, standing across the street from him as she had done...
Book Reader's Heaven · 1W ago

The Empty Chair of China - A Sonnet for Liu Xiaobo by Konrad Tademar

The Empty Chair of China - a sonnet for Liu Xiaobo by Konrad TademarThe Empty Chair of Chi...
Book Reader's Heaven · 1W ago

The Case of the Frozen Horse: A Sam Cloudstone Novella by Jimmy Martin

I like weird, the unusual, something that is new and allows you to experience more than what you're likely to find in another book. Take for instance, The Case of the Frozen Horse, begins your questioning of what the book is about. Readers will almos...
Book Reader's Heaven · 1W ago

The Case of the Hobo's Son: A Sam Cloudstone Novella by Jimmy Martin

As the last rays of the sun shrunk down below the trees, a white mist seemed to Sam to appear in the corner of the kiva. As he concentrated on the mist, it slowly formed into the visage of a...
Book Reader's Heaven · 2W ago

Ohhhhhh Susannah: it's in the bag!

Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best. —Bob TalbertUnfinished HomeworkSusannah woke up in the morning. She knew it was early because the sky was a lovely ice blue with a line of pale yellow where the sun was slowly ris...
Book Reader's Heaven · 2W ago

Amazing...Musically Grown: Sing Along Songs and Activities for Children and Their Caregivers

Unleash the amazing benefits of music to aid in your child's physical, emotional, social and intellectual development! Little ones tend to want your keys, your wallet, phone: whatever you in...