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Booklover's Heaven · 6h ago

No Perfect Fate

Cleo Anderson camps along the Suwannee River where gators yawn, bears slumber and snakes slither. Her people skills are hesitant. Alone is good—until one sun-drenched day, an encounter with ...
Booklover's Heaven · 6h ago

The Mercy of Time and Chance

Sometimes life changes in three generations, sometimes not. Orphaned at two in a large, Italian-American family, Renie’s never known a mother’s love. Weaned on rejection and raised on neglec...
Booklover's Heaven · 11M ago


Author Caution: Unlike my usual sweet romances, this book contains sexual content. Former model Justine Phillips agrees to be auctioned off at a charity event. Dramatically changing her appe...
Booklover's Heaven · 4d ago

The Mad Heiress Meets the Duke

Miss Georgette Quinby is known as The Mad Heiress. Nearly a decade ago, when her fiancé jilted her, and married another woman, she threw herself down a stair in a fit of passion. Or maybe it...
Booklover's Heaven · 4d ago

More Than Want You

I’m Maxon Reed—real estate mogul, shark, asshole. If a deal isn’t high profile and big money, I pass. Now that I’ve found the property of a lifetime, I’m jumping. But one tenacious bastard s...
Booklover's Heaven · 4d ago

A Bright Shore

A military Sci-Fi political thriller set a short decade from now. In 2031, holding to the concept of Individual Liberty can get you killed. What was once the western world’s guiding light of...
Booklover's Heaven · 1w ago

A Family Affair

When Christine Blacksworth’s larger-than-life father is killed on an icy road in Magdalena, New York, a hundred miles from the ‘getaway’ cabin he visited every month, she discovers a secret ...
Booklover's Heaven · 3M ago

Game Hunter

Amid continuing betrayal and easy death in the dystopia that is now the City of London, the live TV show called Game Hunter pits human against zombie. Tremayne and Red are half-turned teenag...
Booklover's Heaven · 1w ago

Hungry for Life

The uplifting story of one Irish family’s struggle to survive when the potato crop failed in 1846. Faced with starvation, farmer Joseph McLaughlin takes the heart-breaking decision to divide...
Booklover's Heaven · 1w ago

Appetite of Envy

Lia and Finn might have a shot at a second chance romance…if they can survive the sabotage. Regular Price: $2.99 Buy now for only $0.00 Amazon