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born imaginative. · 8h ago

5 months!

This is what 5 months of happiness looks like.  I've been asking for 'one more' for years. I can promise you this, I soak up the love this little girl gives me everyday.  I am so glad I got ...
born imaginative. · 2d ago

A last nod to summer

As we soar from summer to fall, I decide to post my last little nod to summer. Lanternfest. Music, crafts, lanterns, parade, food, glowsticks fireworks and a community that we love dearly. A...
born imaginative. · 3d ago


 A big hand stitched piece-all these french knots. Three Audubon birds that sing their calls for my bird lover.  A cow book an two books with sweet illustrations from a Maine author.  Patter...
born imaginative. · 3d ago

7th Birthday Recap

 You know, I think age seven is pretty fabulous. I had a blast shopping for all the things I knew he'd love and I'm pretty sure his grandparents feel the same. He knows what he likes, loves ...
born imaginative. · 3d ago


Some of us are braver than others....
born imaginative. · 6d ago

Invite: 5th Annual Country Kids Party (2017)

You are invited:To our annual Country Kids party!What? A simple, country kids festival to celebrate the country in our kids. There might be simple games, perhaps a craft, you can pick some w...
born imaginative. · 1w ago

Maine Beaches

It's that time of year when the Lipskys return to different beaches. Less traffic to battle, many tourists are gone and we are left with near empty beaches.  Truly, is there is no better pla...
born imaginative. · 1W ago

September's "Chicken Soup with Rice"

Another month, another verse and another bowl of soup!  We're making a "Maine" version of "Chicken Soup with Rice", inspired by the "Chicken Soup with Rice" by by Maurice Sendak (1962).  Kid...
born imaginative. · 1W ago

Farm Girl

The newest farm girl and her daddy.  Can you spy the goats in the first pic?Also, save the date for Sept 23rd. We're hoping to do our Country Kids party then! More to come on that later.
born imaginative. · 1W ago

Working together

This week it absolutely crazy.  Not only is it peak harvest preserving time, but it's also the time when a whole bunch of big things I've been working hard on are gearing up.  Never before h...