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born imaginative. · 1h ago

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial day from all of us and our patriotic beauty...wearing a mama made upcycled wool diaper. 
born imaginative. · 1d ago

The Life of # 3

Sometimes you get 'parked' so the rest of us can get something done.  We cleaned out the goat pen while you slept your afternoon away.Because your sister is this spirited girl and loves to p...
born imaginative. · 1d ago

BOG Made: Cradle

Before I visited my dad, I asked him to pick up the pack and play I left at camp so we'd have some place to put Anna-Kate. Instead of driving the 10 minutes to camp to get the pack and play,...
born imaginative. · 2d ago

Keeping on.

Want to hear about my afternoon?I grocery shopped with my three littles, came home, put all the groceries away, made a homemade meal that included my own homegrown greens, brined a chicken f...
born imaginative. · 3d ago

Little Miss One Month

Somehow it happened that today Anna-Kate is one month old.  I know.  How did that happen? Audra wanted to dress her in a flower dress given to us from this dynamic duo who we love very much ...
born imaginative. · 4d ago


We have a little tradition around here. Every year, on what would have been my mom's birthday, we celebrate.  I tell stories, I show pictures, I pick lilacs, I smile, I laugh and I remember....
born imaginative. · 4d ago


The best part about a long trip to see family...I'm pretty sure these trips will be memories that will last a lifetime for my littles.
born imaginative. · 4d ago

Our Tiny One at BOG's

Round three of my infants heading to my dad's house.  He has so much junk ...err...antiques...that it's quite fun doing some creative photography.Adrian's here.Audra's here.Three kids and ou...
born imaginative. · 1w ago

Life with Audra....

 Comical. Spontaneous. Hilarious. Active. Fast. Energetic. Repetitive. Exhausting. (No, tights are not pants and you cannot wear them in place of pants when we go places.) Free spirited. Car...
born imaginative. · 1W ago

Daisy the Pig

What?  Your library doesn't host farmer nights with pig stories and pig hugs? Clearly we have the very best library (and librarians) in the world.  Thank you for the pics, Allison!