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born imaginative. · 3d ago

Working Hard

Give this 6 year old a hammer and a few nails and you better bet he'll have projects to work on. Oh, the seriousness...I love it.
born imaginative. · 4d ago

Bag Challenge #6

My reusable bags are a mismatch medley, which I'm working on replacing with ones that "spark joy". Inspired by The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and how she talks about ke...
born imaginative. · 5d ago


My favorite little thrift store had a 50% off sale. Didn't this just make my day! Canvas fabric, two like-new shirts for me, milk jar, cookie jar, candle holder, hand embroidered kittens and...
born imaginative. · 6d ago

Strawberry Picking

 This mama really needs to work on getting a strawberry patch going again.  First one was rototilled under, 2nd I just never took care of so it went to weeds with the occasional strawberry w...
born imaginative. · 1w ago

Love This Girl.

The sibling thing is a really good thing. We all love this little girl! (Blanket is a gift from someone generous from our church.)
born imaginative. · 1w ago

Audra Turns 5

A great day celebrating the big 5 year old and the fab meal she planned.  Unfortunately she got sick on her birthday, but has since recovered and is enjoying her new loot!  
born imaginative. · 1w ago

I Scream, You Scream...

I scream, you scream...we all scream for Ice Cream! Having big crowds over...that's just what we do here.  However, with baby Anna-Kate, I was struggling thinking how we could continue to ho...
born imaginative. · 1W ago

Tucking it away

Adjustment to life at home with two big kiddos and a newborn has been quite seamless for the most part. However, the last 3 or so days, everything has been more challenging.  I couldn't figu...
born imaginative. · 1W ago

Adorable Sweater

I know I'm partial, but I think this is an adorable sweater and an adorable baby. Thank you for knitting it, Claudia!
born imaginative. · 1W ago

Home Sweet Home

Before we lived here, I always would picture what this house looked like back in the day when it was bustling with activity. Three kids, two dogs, two cats, a rabbit, three goats and a flock...