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Borneo Geek Blog · 10M ago

Clean Slate Protocol

For the past months, I have been getting notification of a few attempt to hack into my blog. Not to deface it but rather, getting spam bot running. It didn’t bother that much until I was loc...
Borneo Geek Blog · 11M ago

Happy New Year 2017!

I’m doing some experimental stuff, taking photo with my dSLR and time-lapse using my iPhone. The result? Not what I did previous year.
Borneo Geek Blog · 11M ago

New Life

Life begin at 40 so they say. Yes, I turned 40 last April. Been meaning to blog about it but life was in the way.
Borneo Geek Blog · 11M ago

Happy New Year 2016

This year I went up again to Sabah Park's Crocker Range Inobong Station for new year's fireworks. Think there's more fireworks this year compared to last year, mainly on Sutera Harbour area.
Borneo Geek Blog · 11M ago

Another Time Lapse

It's always interesting to see a piece of land being developed into something. And even interesting if you manage to take picture of it from the same angle everyday. This is a time lapse, fr...
Borneo Geek Blog · 11M ago

The Internet Safety Video

What happen when you get Keyboard Cat, Double Rainbow Guy, Annoying Orange, Roomba Cat, Rahat’s Prank, Evolution of Dance, Slow Mo
Borneo Geek Blog · 11M ago

Top 10 Facts – Apple – YouTube

So seriously. Have any one of you ever read EULA. Never would I thought there’s nuclear clause in it. ????
Borneo Geek Blog · 11M ago

Run Baby Run

My wife registered for the run last month and I thought that it would be a good time to take
Borneo Geek Blog · 11M ago

Happy New Year 2015

This year, again, I spent my time with friends at Sabah Park's Croker Range Station. Still trying to master my D5300 though. I hope you like my first ever time lapse.
Borneo Geek Blog · 11M ago

I’m a dee fifty three hundred. I’m finally here

And you wonder why didn't I buy a dSLR? Well, maybe because of the fact that everyone are into it, so it diminish the exclusiveness to have it. Everybody are lugging it, up to a point where ...