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BQB Publishing · 2d ago

Let’s Party – Independent Bookstore Day

Wahoo! Let’s Party! Saturday,  April 29th, 2017 is National Independent Bookstore Day. Many of the independent bookstores across the country …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 1W ago

Book Covers for Kids that Jump Off Shelves

There is a new baby in our neighborhood! She is sweet, tiny and perfect. To celebrate, I loaded up the …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 2W ago

Books on Aging (with humor, realism and grace)

I just watched the funniest movie from Sweden called the The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 3W ago

Books for Building and Re-Building

Architecture:  I don’t think a lot about it unless I’m watching an HGTV show. “Load bearing walls,” the hosts keep …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 4W ago

Job Seeking for Seniors

My neighbor is retiring next week after working for the same company for more than thirty years. Something that just …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 1M ago

Books for Kids after an Epilepsy Diagnosis

One of my daughter’s friends was recently diagnosed with Epilepsy. It is a condition of the brain which causes seizures. …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 1M ago

Cousin Time – Family Time – Books about Families

We spent time recently at our in-laws house. Between cooking, donut runs, soccer, hiking and Foosball tournaments, there was still …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 1M ago

New Releases – Spring into these Non-Fiction Books

WriteLife Publishing is proud to announce our spring line-up. These non-fiction releases are written by experts in their field and …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 1M ago

Adoption and Books

I’ve been binge-watching a 2010-11 TV show called ‘Life Unexpected.’ It is about a teenager who has bounced around the …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 2M ago

Honoring Black Authors during Black History Month

February is Black History Month in the United States and Canada and BQB and WriteLife Publishing would like to recognize …Continue reading →