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BQB Publishing · 13h ago

Job Seeking for Seniors

My neighbor is retiring next week after working for the same company for more than thirty years. Something that just doesn’t happen frequently with the younger generation. His loyalty and wo...
BQB Publishing · 1w ago

Books for Kids after an Epilepsy Diagnosis

One of my daughter’s friends was recently diagnosed with Epilepsy. It is a condition of the brain which causes seizures. …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 2W ago

Cousin Time – Family Time – Books about Families

We spent time recently at our in-laws house. Between cooking, donut runs, soccer, hiking and Foosball tournaments, there was still …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 3W ago

New Releases – Spring into these Non-Fiction Books

WriteLife Publishing is proud to announce our spring line-up. These non-fiction releases are written by experts in their field and …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 4W ago

Adoption and Books

I’ve been binge-watching a 2010-11 TV show called ‘Life Unexpected.’ It is about a teenager who has bounced around the …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 1M ago

Honoring Black Authors during Black History Month

February is Black History Month in the United States and Canada and BQB and WriteLife Publishing would like to recognize …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 1M ago

Feel’n the Love in Books

Romance is different for everyone. Some like flowers and chocolate. Some like date nights and massages. Some like a man …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 1M ago

Business Lessons of Monopoly

Our living room rug has been graced by a monopoly board since Friday night. The fierce battle will probably never …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 1M ago

Books, Flu Season and a Virus

Last week Influenza-A took down all three of our kids. They were so sad, lying around in their pajamas, fighting …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 2M ago

Politically Thrilling Novels

These are formative days. In the last week, the 44th President of the United States signed many executive orders, finished …Continue reading →