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BQB Publishing · 2d ago

Preparing for #Pitchwars – Books for Writers

#Pitchwars has turned into one of the greatest mentored writing contests ever. It includes chats, blogs, interviews, mentors, friendships, professional advice and more. Congratulations to co...
BQB Publishing · 1W ago

Memoirs of Worth

I’ve read a few memoirs recently. The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson, Mennonite in a …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 2W ago

Fall’s New Fiction – Books for 2017

BQB Publishing is proud to announce its fall fiction lineup. Don’t miss any of these… Broken Slate by John A. …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 3W ago

Eight Band-Aids and Three Popsicles of Kindness

I don’t recommend bike crashes, but if you’re going to challenge the blacktop with your body, it is best to …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 1M ago

Tackling Summer Goals

Summer is a break for some. Teacher and other education related professionals have certainly earned it. But for some of …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 1M ago

Road tripping a better way – listen to a book

Remember the old family road trips? Snacks, maps, off-key sing-a-longs, road side attractions and way too much time in a …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 1M ago

Christian Books for Children

My children are at Vacation Bible School this week. For them, it is a chance to learn new songs, create …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 1M ago

Summer is the Deviled Egg Season

Summer is finally here. The kids had their last day of school, the freezer is full of popsicles and we …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 1M ago

The Power of the Short Story – Motivation for Writers

I’ve been writing a few short stories lately. The biggest reason, if I’m totally honest, is that I’m stuck on …Continue reading →
BQB Publishing · 2M ago

A Tale of Immigration and Entrepreneurial Terror

In the corner of my mother’s living room, under several plants, there sits a trunk. It is the one her …Continue reading →