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Gen Y

Had an interesting chat with a recruiter today who talked about a number of things... one of the things that stuck out was the major branding problem that millennials have. What has your exp... · 1Y ago

Introduction: Chris Williams - Sitecore MVP and Beachbody Coach

My name is Chris Williams.  I am a Sitecore MVP and Beachbody Coach. I specialize in helping people connect with a mentor to help them learn something new.For entertainment/fun/relaxation, I... · 1Y ago

Crowdsourcing a small business loan1

Hello Brandergy Community,  My name is Matthew Cummings, I am a New York City tour guide with my own company; CityWalksNY.  I want to grow my company so I can hire other NYC tour guides, pro... · 1Y ago

When Energy Is Your Only Asset · 1Y ago


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The following is exactly 500 words to stimulate some conversation...what do you believe?

DON’T live like every day was your last! Wait a minute.  Who am I to say, “Don’t live like every day was your last”?  I’m no one.  And that’s part of the point.  Plenty of songs,… · 1Y ago

Not all "quitting" is bad

Not all "quitting" is bad. To quit letting a freight train drag you is not a bad thing. ("Why's he letting that train drag him...?) · 1Y ago

Why Do Athletes Need Timing Training? · 1Y ago

Pooling Our Online Resources

Pooling Our Online Resources POOR Why focus so deeply on helping the ones in the super-yacht & overlook the ones right in the same boat with you?   #PoolingOurOnlineResources… · 1Y ago


BOUNDARIES... (Hard to believe we still have to remind ADULTS of BOUNDARIES...)