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bridges pottery blog · 8M ago

Round and Round Recycling Clay over and over

The summer recycle. I have buckets of scraps that I have collected all winter. Clay scraps and mush end up  as a big globby consistency - too mushy  to work with. It gets laid out on plater ...
bridges pottery blog · 10M ago

Mishima Technique

bridges pottery blog · 10M ago

Hot from the Kiln

bridges pottery blog · 1Y ago

Saturday Activities- Photos

Taking photos of my work for my online shop can be time consuming. I often have a helper. Sometimes he helps me doing quality control. He complained that this piece lacked meat. This plate s...
bridges pottery blog · 10M ago

Working in the Studio

Taking some time to work on some unique wall decor.  These will be "wall plates" Large round textured pieces to hung as a collection on the wall.  I have done some prototyping for these and ...
bridges pottery blog · 10M ago

Glazing Tip with Masking Tape

bridges pottery blog · 10M ago

Video: Match Striker

bridges pottery blog · 10M ago

Saturday Factoid......What is Kaolin?

Kaolin is a type of very white clay. It comes from the Chinese words KAO-LING meaning  high ridge, originally a local term describing where it came from. Much of the Kaolin we use in the US ...
bridges pottery blog · 10M ago

End of Year Cleanse

Like a diet cleanse, I like to clean out my studio at the end of the year and prep for January. I clean all of the time , but this is more of a "use it" and "lose it". Too many things...tool...
bridges pottery blog · 10M ago

Square Plates

Here is a little eye candy of square plates. These were a custom order for a client. Mis-matched but matched, in relaxed  rich colors, they look beautiful all together on a set table.