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Maribeth Wilder Doerr Shades of Healing ~ Creating a Wholehearted Life

English - Grief, Love, Health
Maribeth Wilder Doerr · 1Y ago

Friday Faves – The Most Important Question You Can Ask

Eric Klein has an amazing website and newsletter called Wisdom Heart. In his newsletter on Wednesday, he closes with this incredible thought: Albert Einstein said that the most important que...
Maribeth Wilder Doerr · 1Y ago

Can You Help Me Bring Yoga to Women Pregnant After Pregnancy/Infant Loss?

In 2014, I had a successful GoFundMe campaign to complete Baby Loss Doula Training.  Thank you all so much for helping me achieve that dream.  In 2015, I completed the requirements and am a ...
Maribeth Wilder Doerr · 1Y ago

Friday Faves – Helping, Fixing or Serving?

For those of you who like to serve others, here’s a wonderful article by Rachel Naomi Remen, MD.   I think it’s important to think about the why behind our efforts to work with others and th...
Maribeth Wilder Doerr · 2Y ago

Friday Faves – What’s your miracle?

I admit I’m a sap about a lot of things, but this Youtube video probably makes even the toughest of the tough cry.  Meet Charlotte Bottger who has cerebral palsy.  Like most little girls, sh...
Maribeth Wilder Doerr · 2Y ago

Shades of Healing – Holding Space for Myself

This is my mom, Marie. Last Saturday, May 14, would have been her 88th birthday. May 14 is also my birthday.  Fifty-seven years ago, I got to be someone’s birthday present. After two boys wh...
Maribeth Wilder Doerr · 2Y ago

Friday Faves – What it means to “hold space” for people, plus eight tips on how to do it well

For the last year, I’ve been a hospice volunteer.  One of these days I’ll write about what it means to me to do this work, but right now, my heart is a bit too tender to do that.  My most re...
Maribeth Wilder Doerr · 2Y ago

Friday Faves – Wild Horses and a proud daddy

I love to listen to X Factor, The Voice, and Britain’s Got Talent auditions on YouTube.  I stumbled onto one from BGT a few weeks ago, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.  Not ...
Maribeth Wilder Doerr · 2Y ago

Friday Faves – Crusty Rustic Bread

Since the holidays of 2015, I’ve rediscovered my love of baking.  I scour Pinterest for recipes and I usually try a new one on Saturday afternoons.  A blog post is forthcoming on the whys an...
Maribeth Wilder Doerr · 2Y ago

Friday Faves – Prince Performs “Purple Rain” During Downpour at the Super Bowl

A Friday Fave (posted on a Saturday)! Prince died last week, and if you’re like me, you’ve been listening to his tunes with a heavy and yet a full heart.  He was SO magical.  One of my favor...