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Broad Horizons · 2W ago

October, Part 2

For the third year in a row our church and a public elementary school in downtown Reading ...
Broad Horizons · 2W ago

October, Part 1

Obviously I'm better at remembering to blog when I'm traveling. So . . . we got home from our epic Little House trip in late September and spent the rest of the month getting settled back into our normal routines.   Tracy, the cat who's been banished...
Broad Horizons · 1M ago

RECIPE: Tomato Feta Soup (Instant Pot)

It's been a long time since I've posted a recipe. While we were traveling, we stopped at a Trader Joe's and they were sampling their Tomato Feta Soup. We all liked it, even Ashlyn, who typic...
Broad Horizons · 2M ago

Last Day in St Louis

Today we went to the arch.Between chance of rain and the weekend's protests being in that area we weren't sure we were going to be able to but today was sunny (and HOT) and things were quiet in the area, at least during the day, I haven't looked at n...
Broad Horizons · 2M ago

U S Grant National Historic Site

Today we went to US Grant's National Historic Site. This site is the farm that was owned b...
Broad Horizons · 2M ago

Rocky Ridge Farm

Today was our last little house site of the trip. Rocky Ridge Farm is the farm Laura and Amanzo bought when they moved from De Smet, ND to Mansfield, MO when their daughter, Rose, was 7. They lived here for the rest of their lives.Today was Wilder Da...
Broad Horizons · 2M ago

Video of Pa's Fiddle

Broad Horizons · 2M ago

Little House on the Prairie

This morning we went to the site of the Ingalls family's cabin near Independence, KS.In the book, Laura says it was 40 miles from Independence but actually it's only 12 miles. She also says she was 6 when actually she was 3.The only thing original to...
Broad Horizons · 2M ago

Fort Scott

Yesterday we went to Fort Scott, Kansas. I ended not taking many pictures because I was busy helping Little Bit with her Junior Ranger. It was an interesting park, and the Junior Ranger did a good job of making us go over the whole thing. I think we ...
Broad Horizons · 2M ago

Long Day

Today was by far our longest day so far on this trip. Last night we parked in a parking lo...