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Bryan Braker · 3W ago

Choose Beautiful Fairmont Memorial Park

Mausoleum crypts and niches are available for families choosing a burial or cremation with inturnment. Mausoleum entombment is considered to be the finest type of burial known to man. A maus...
Bryan Braker · 3W ago

The Meaning Behind Military Funerals

A brief look at some traditional elements of military funerals in the United States including: Flag ceremonies, use of horse-drawn caissons, firing of rifles and the playing of Taps.
Bryan Braker · 4W ago

Sympathy Messages: What To Write In A Sympathy Card

Examples of what to write in a sympathy card. Use these card messages to help you pen the perfect sympathy message.
Bryan Braker · 1M ago

Coffins vs. Caskets

You think you know, but you have NO idea. This is the Real World: Death Receptacles.
Bryan Braker · 1M ago

Popular Funeral Songs

When a loved one passes away, families strive to put together the most meaningful service....
Bryan Braker · 1M ago

How To Fold A Funeral Flag

Fold a funeral flag by folding it in half twice and then creating a crisp, tight triangle that is folded over itself several times. Tuck in the ends of a funeral flag, so that it forms a com...
Bryan Braker · 1M ago

Funeral Planning : How To Write A Funeral Thank You Card

In order to write a funeral thank you card, it should be determined who the card is going to and what role that person played in the life of the deceased.
Bryan Braker · 1M ago

Sympathy Words - Tips For Finding the Right Words Of Sympathy After the Death Of A Loved One

When someone you love has passed on, it can be difficult to find the right sympathy words ...
Bryan Braker · 1M ago

Lemon and Rosemary Gin Spritzer

Shake up a citrusy lemon cocktail with a savory herb twist using La Croix! Recipe here:
Bryan Braker · 1M ago

Funeral Planning : How To Attend A Funeral

When attending a funeral, it's important to show up 15 to 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the funeral service.