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Budgets Are Sexy · 1d ago

How We’re Reaching Financial Freedom On One Income – Mom’s Income.

[Hey guys! Liz, the Chief Mom Officer stops by the blog today to share her journey to fina...
Budgets Are Sexy · 3d ago

How Many of These Millionaire Spending Habits Do You Have?

In honor of missing out on Millionaire Day over the weekend (BLASPHEMY!!), I thought we’d ...
Budgets Are Sexy · 5d ago

“It’s strange going from saving money your whole life to spending it!”

Two years ago when my mom was on the verge of retiring early, my dad and I got to talking ...
Budgets Are Sexy · 1W ago

Side Hustle #70: Making Rings and Jewelry Out of Coins!

[Okay guys, I think I finally found the PERFECT side hustle for us money nerds ;) Making m...
Budgets Are Sexy · 1W ago

That Time I Woke Up From a “Bill Coma” and Started Saving My $$$!

You know when you’ve paid a bill for so long that it just becomes habit and you don’t even...
Budgets Are Sexy · 1W ago

Financial Mad Lib, Anyone?

What’s up, my sexy awesome dope money friends! Today I’d like to present to you a rousing ...
Budgets Are Sexy · 2W ago

The Sexy Underwear Trick

[Please enjoy this fun post by my dear friend, Hélène Massicotte, today – the blogger behi...
Budgets Are Sexy · 2W ago

What Was The Last “Substantial” Thing You Talked Yourself Out Of Buying?

Heyo! Got a reader request asking if we can talk about “substantial things” we’ve talked o...
Budgets Are Sexy · 2W ago

5 Frugal Things + A Better Way to Stalk $$$ Blogs!

Hey guys! Ever wanted to see a live stream of alllllllllllll the financial blog posts bein...
Budgets Are Sexy · 3W ago

Financial Confessional: “I’ve Spent over $40,000 on Amazon”

[Our Financial Confession series continues! Up today, Mrs. BITA from