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Bunched Undies · 1W ago

Angel Heart Turns 30

Angel Heart is a darkly entertaining film that applies the Raymond Chandler hard-boiled detective template to a story steeped in mysticism. Within its smokey folds, a low-rent private eye (M...
Bunched Undies · 2W ago

The Young Girls of Rochefort Turns 50

Jacques Demy’s The Young Girls of Rochefort offers a distinctly French take on the Great American Musical. The film has delighted and enthralled audiences for half a century, and after a rec...
Bunched Undies · 2W ago

La Collectionneuse Turns 50

La Collectionneuse is best viewed as a transitional work, and Rohmer’s first attempt at adapting his patented talky romance format to feature length. The two previous entries in the Moral Ta...
Bunched Undies · 1M ago

The Seventh Seal Turns 60

Like a lot of great classics, The Seventh Seal is basically a road movie, with all the requisite digressions and diversions along its circuitous path. Set in the 14th Century, a knight named...
Bunched Undies · 1M ago

My Guest Post at European Film Star Postcards Part 2

The second part of my guest post is up, detailing some of my favorite foreign films from 1960 to present. Again, many thanks to Bob from Holland for the opportunity. Check it out HERE.
Bunched Undies · 1M ago

My Guest Post at European Film Star Postcards Part 1

Many thanks to Bob from Amsterdam for giving a chance to expound on some of my favorite films. You'll find part one HERE, which has my faves up to 1960. While you're over there, be sure to l...
Bunched Undies · 1M ago

Waiting for Guffman Turns 20

Waiting for Guffman is a hilarious ensemble comedy from the delightfully twisted mind of Christopher Guest. Filmed in his patented “mockumentary” style, the film satirizes and skewers a numb...
Bunched Undies · 2M ago

Metropolis Turns 90

This amazing film by Fritz Lang set a new standard for visual splendor in 1927, and was one of the first feature length movies to attempt a new, speculative reality through the art of filmma...
Bunched Undies · 2M ago

Best TV of 2016

10. The Crown (2016) Netflix Superbly produced series purportedly about the turf war between young Queen Elizabeth (Claire Foy) and Winston Churchill (John Lithgow), although they seem t...
Bunched Undies · 2M ago

10 Best Films Seen in 2016

10. Jackie (2016) This year's most obvious Oscar bait features a chilling recreation of America's worst weekend. Natalie Portman delivers an amazing hologram of Jackie, perfect in every det...