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Business Coaching in Northern · 2d ago

Why does culture matter? It improves performance

<p>There’s been a lot of chatter about company cultures recently. Unfortunately, that includes lots of bad examples. Google employees are arguing about gender bias. Airlines have opened up a...
Business Coaching in Northern · 4d ago

Is it time to clear the clutter?

I was looking at how nature is hunkering down for colder weather … We have time for some great things before holiday craziness starts in!
Business Coaching in Northern · 2W ago

Be grateful for the people!

I’ve been working on my gratitude practices recently, and realized that I’m most grateful for the people in my life!
Business Coaching in Northern · 3W ago

Are you ready for fourth quarter?

We’re at the end of September already!  That means we have just three months left in the year.  How are your goals doing?
Business Coaching in Northern · 1M ago

The perspectives of real life

There have been lots of challenges out there in the real world recently. Hurricanes. Fires. North Korea. The approach of many businesses is basically to ignore all that stuff, because … what...
Business Coaching in Northern · 1M ago

The power of questions

We had some awesome examples at last week’s ICF Colorado meeting! Such simple questions can elicit such awesome insights.
Business Coaching in Northern · 1M ago

Your work matters!

It’s real easy to get overwhelmed with big events.  This week we worry about fires and hurricanes, and the anniversary of 9/11.  Sometimes it seems that you just can’t make a dent at all. Bu...
Business Coaching in Northern · 1M ago

Are you listening?

I was reading a discussion this morning, and it was pretty clear that people weren’t exercising this very basic coaching (and human!) skill.
Business Coaching in Northern · 1M ago

Re-connecting to get energized!

Who could you re-connect with to help get energized for the coming months?
Business Coaching in Northern · 1M ago

Renew with the seasons

The growl of a school bus powering up the street awakened me this morning. Combined with one of the wettest Augusts I can remember, I now feel welcomed to Fall — even though it’s over a mont...