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Business Coaching in Northern · 2W ago

Immersion learning!

Events like these Startup Weeks can be absolutely transformational. Because, for a whole week, you can immerse yourself in learning new approaches, being inspired, and meeting amazing people...
Business Coaching in Northern · 4W ago

Maintain focus, balance in uncertain times

As we head forward into 2018, I’m hearing various questions and concerns about the uncertain future. We might see a big housing bubble. International relationships are jumping all over. Cust...
Business Coaching in Northern · 1M ago

Innovating the people

We sure do focus a lot on innovation in technology. And that’s fine, I guess, but it leads us to think that tech is how most problems get solved. And in my experience, it’s usually not the p...
Business Coaching in Northern · 2M ago

Colorado Business Economic Outlook 2018

A fantastic resource for your understanding of what’s going on in Colorado! You can download the whole thing on their website.
Business Coaching in Northern · 2M ago

Did you take some time?

I hope you had the chance to refresh a little over the holidays. I sure am getting the sense of a renewed sense of optimism!
Business Coaching in Northern · 2M ago

What’s special about 2018? And what will you do about it?

We’re moving from one year to the next. The counter is ticking over. Why does it matter? When I look back at my career and business growth, it’s clear that the most important times are direc...
Business Coaching in Northern · 2M ago

Rebooting yourself

The end of a year can feel a bit limiting. After all, with so little time left, how could I possibly catch up on all the great things I had intended to get done? Some things just aren’t goin...
Business Coaching in Northern · 3M ago

The mixed gifts of criticism

I was listening to a very interesting conversation between The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, about criticism they had received on their offerings. It got me thinkin...
Business Coaching in Northern · 3M ago

The important business relationships

As I was putting together my business Christmas cards recently, I was pondering the importance of those who have supported my success this year!
Business Coaching in Northern · 3M ago

Refreshed from Thanksgiving?

I hope you’ve had a chance to take a bit of a break! This is important for bringing our best to our customers and organizations.