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Business Coaching in Northern · 4d ago

Fearless Leadership isn’t about fear!

I was working with others on the ICF-CO Fall Conference, where someone remarked, “You know, Fearless Leadership [the conference theme] isn’t about fear!” So what IS it about? Well, here’s th...
Business Coaching in Northern · 1w ago

Focus! Magnifying your power through specialization

Focus is a great thing. When you use a magnifying glass to focus the sun’s rays, you end up with a lot of power in a very specific place. This power is useful in many ways. When you speciali...
Business Coaching in Northern · 1W ago

On the edge of overwhelm

There’s so much cool and amazing stuff happening this summer that I’m starting to feel the stress in a particular way: Is this something that you’ve experienced?
Business Coaching in Northern · 2W ago

Have you lost the mojo?

Has your business turned into a slog? It’s real easy for that to happen, you know. You’re trying to make progress on a bazillion details, and there’s a new challenge every three minutes. At ...
Business Coaching in Northern · 2W ago

It’s a week for focus!

I thought things were going to slow down … not a chance!  June is turning into one hopping time! So check out these great opportunities:
Business Coaching in Northern · 3W ago

Happy Memorial Day!

Are you looking to speak to coaches and leaders in the Denver area?  You have two days left to submit your proposal!
Business Coaching in Northern · 1M ago

Do you do speaking?

I’ve found that speaking engagements are a remarkably powerful part of my marketing strategy, and I have several opportunities coming up next month. But because the ICF Colorado conference h...
Business Coaching in Northern · 1M ago

What does professional excellence mean to you?

There’s been some wonderful discussions going on in our revitalized ICF chapter about the value we bring to members and the profession, so I thought I’d share this with you! What does “profe...
Business Coaching in Northern · 1M ago

The power of conferences

I found out that the ICF Colorado Fall Conference has just opened up!  The past three years have been really inspirational and valuable for me, so I thought I’d talk about it for a minute: S...
Business Coaching in Northern · 1M ago

Listening is the core of compassion

Business can be brutal sometimes. And when you feel that stress, you tend to pass it on to your people. In the form of pressured deadlines, brutal feedback, and snippy interactions. Your emp...