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ByLightOfMoon My Blog covers my Nature and Forest Curiosities Supplies, mo
ByLightOfMoon · 1Y ago

What I have been doing? Forest Finds, Gardening, Dried Flowers, etc.

What in the world have I been up too lately!  The forest  is so enchanting now with the le...
ByLightOfMoon · 2Y ago

Lamps I will be Listing for sale at Etsy frstyfrolk Vintage Shop

ByLightOfMoon · 2Y ago

Vintage Pond Keeping Pondscapes Magazines Waterfalls,Water Fountains,and more in your Backyard!

I have been browsing these "Pondscape Magazines, they are vintage but everything still app...
ByLightOfMoon · 2Y ago

The Friday Flea: List # 143 Feb 12 week and more DIY tutorial Nature and latest findings for De-Stash wicker baskets

The Friday Flea: List # 143 Feb 12: Like us on Facebook! New list begins every Friday at 1:00 am Eastern time.  Great deals for everyone...Check out this Friday Flea Market Link-up party every Friday of Sh...
ByLightOfMoon · 2Y ago

The Friday Flea: List #140 Jan 22

The Friday Flea: List #140 Jan 22: Like us on Facebook!
ByLightOfMoon · 2Y ago

Re-Thinking Thread Up to resell my clothing and finding a Fabulous new Spray Paint for my Dried Flowers!

Since my last post I got my bag ready with very nice clothing and was ready to mail it when I saw a link on Facebook to their page and I saw nothing but BAD Reviews so I am NOT going to send...
ByLightOfMoon · 2Y ago

Sell your clothing with ThredUP!

While I was on Facebook I saw a new Site to me, that sells your clothing for you and sends you a check. The model and photograph your item, list it, they do everything you need done for a Great Sale! I am sure better that I could do myself, plus so e...
ByLightOfMoon · 2Y ago

Hummingbirds, Gardening, On-Line Selling,

Our Hummingbird Feeder My hanger for the hummingbirds I made from a  Mountain Laurel BranchRe-posted ~ I wrote this to a friend:Terror in my heart this AM  I walked outside to drink my coffee this morning and I had just sat down when our hummers star...
ByLightOfMoon · 2Y ago

So Blessed! Fantasy Gifts from the Keepers Of Enchantment Team " Scavenger Hunt" on Etsy!

I have been very fortunate in winning items lately! I fact, I won gifts from TWO shops by ...
ByLightOfMoon · 2Y ago

Help Animals Daily and Purple Paw Print Love, Storage ,Garden, and Everyday Life!

The Animal Rescue Site is one I go to daily to help fund food for animals! Many days they ...