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Cally In Wonderland · 1Y ago

Florida Cracker Cowboys

Humble. That is the first word that come to my mind when I think about my Uncle Lum, a true Florida Cracker Cowboy. You could also say soft spoken, kind, hardworking, and include words in a ...
Cally In Wonderland · 1Y ago

Swamp Cabbage Heritage

“Watch yourself with that knife…it’s sharp”, my dad yelled at me. I have been using his knives for most of my thirty-two years and would be surprised if a blade came out of his pocket that w...
Cally In Wonderland · 1Y ago

Caviar display!!

By following my simple tips in this video, you are sure to impress all of your guests at any gathering or event! Caviar can elevate any party or bring a bit of whimsy to your day and can be ...
Cally In Wonderland · 1Y ago

Doctored up Deviled Eggs!

I partnered Cocktails with Cally for this one… In the video, take a shot every time I say um! My Mom has been getting on to me about this, and it’s becoming an obvious issue Something to wor...
Cally In Wonderland · 1Y ago

Building the Perfect Meat and Cheese Board!

In this video, I will give you my favorite tips for building the perfect meat and cheese board!
Cally In Wonderland · 2Y ago

Bruleed Cheesecake!!

Bruleed Cheesecake! I fun dessert that will impress your guests at any event!! Continue reading →
Cally In Wonderland · 1Y ago

Compound Butters

Compound Butters are really just normal butters with herbs a flavorings added to compliment your meal and add a ton of flavor at the end, similar to that of a finishing sauce. We are having ...
Cally In Wonderland · 1Y ago

Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Here is a fun little video, highlighting two of my favorite treats to make for my Valentines! Chocolate covered bacon takes the place of the normal chocolate covered strawberries and the bro...
Cally In Wonderland · 1Y ago

Colored Deviled Eggs!!

Add this simple step the next time you make deviled eggs and you are sure to “WOW” all of your friends and guest!  
Cally In Wonderland · 1Y ago

Sea Salted Caramel Tart!!

Yes, it tastes as good as it looks!! And, is super easy to make, so it’s basically perfect! Crust Ingredients: 10 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature, diced (dice it before it come...