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camelliasdreamweddings · 1W ago

Victorian era Etiquette

Looking back in time, one wonders how a person kept track of all the do's and dont's of society. Fast forward to today where fashions and etiquette have changed so much. Click on this link t...
camelliasdreamweddings · 4W ago

Fall Wedding Show, Valhalla Inn, Thunder Bay

The glamour and the glitz of Wedding celebrations. Weddings can be over-the-top glamourous, or a simple, rustic, outdoor, back-yard ceremony. Are you looking for ideas for your Wedding?  Pla...
camelliasdreamweddings · 2M ago

How do you know he or she is the Right one for you? The Camellia, Thunder Bay wedding florist.

Sometimes you get cold feet in the weeks leading up to your Wedding, "What am I doing, what if this is a huge mistake? " Some of you may have known each other since you were in High School, ...
camelliasdreamweddings · 2M ago

How to make an easy-peasy Hand-tied Bouquet, The Camellia, Thunder Bay

Getting married? Thinking about how you can get that fab floral Bouquet that you want, and maybe you want to DIY?  Want to know how? Then click on this link, and watch as J. Schwanke shows y...
camelliasdreamweddings · 3M ago

Why should I be the only 1 to change...why doesn't he/or she make some changes as well..?

Getting married or Moving in together? It will quickly become apparent that you have differing opinions on various issues, and in today's world, it seems like all the preliminary things that...
camelliasdreamweddings · 4M ago

Monotasking instead of Multitasking - how do you get it all done sans Wedding stress, the Camellia

Getting married soon? Is a bit of Panic starting, and you are wondering how will you get it all done? Read this article which talks about the value of NOT trying to multi-task.
camelliasdreamweddings · 4M ago

Marriage isn't all rosy Pinterest Bed of Roses either's just hard work, and a lot of compromise.

Whether you are getting married, or you are moving in with someone, you are full of expectations, maybe imagining being Happy, sharing a life together, and enjoying a wonderful Life together...
camelliasdreamweddings · 5M ago

Container Planting Hack, The Camellia, Thunder Bay, On

What does Container Gardening have to be with Wedding Decor? If you are having a Summer Wedding, planting up some containers is a great, budget conscious way to have that lush, Garden look a...
camelliasdreamweddings · 5M ago

How to have a Camp Wedding in Thunder Bay & Slate River Valley, On

Sometimes you just want a simple ceremony without a lot of fuss and expense. Check this link here to see how it's done. The Canoe Arbour is a great idea!
camelliasdreamweddings · 6M ago

A Lavender themed Wedding, The Camellia, Thunder Bay, Ontario

It can be difficult trying to figure out what colour your Wedding should be. You pore over images on Pinterest, get advice from all of your friends, and just get more confused and indecisive...