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Brandi Lynn

Reads about: freebies, samples, coupons, free samples, giveaways

Teressa Vachon

Reads about: freebies, coupons, contests, reviews, motherhood

Brigitte Berube

Reads about: actualité, société, politique

Mary Suazo

Reads about: coupons, frugal, family, technology, travel

Jennifer Saarinen

Reads about: reviews, giveaways, family, coupons, freebies

Jennifer Andrews

Reads about: organic living, natural living, green living, contests, freebies

Lisa Kraemer love to try and win

Reads about: reviews, giveaways, coupons, freebies, family

Katrina Mcdonagh

Reads about: extreme couponing, freebies, coupons

Lynn Mathieu SAHM who loves to live green!

Reads about: giveaways, reviews, contests, coupons, freebies

Tasha Lynn

Reads about: free stuff, freebies, free samples, saving money, coupons

Melissa Federer

Reads about: coupons, parenting, recipes, family, baby

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