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Carine-what's cooking · 3d ago

Last Day in My 50's

I don't know how this happened!  How did I get to be 60?  Seems it was just a few minutes ago I was in my early 20's, getting married and having kids.I guess the good news of this is that I ...
Carine-what's cooking · 1W ago

La-Z-Boy & My Dad

My father was the consummate La-Z-Boy gallery owner but before that he was a master upholsterer. The picture below is actually one of the pieces he reupholstered for his rep and it is from 1...
Carine-what's cooking · 1W ago

Thankfully, This Week was Boring

You read that correctly!  This week was pretty calm and dull.  I enjoyed it!Steve and I even took in a fantastic movie-very hard for me to sit that long, but at least it was worth it.  We fi...
Carine-what's cooking · 2W ago

Why? It's Not Even Thanksgiving Yet!

Don't we all wonder why, on this decorating thing?I'm, of course, talking about the roll out of Christmas decorations everywhere from Costco, malls and every housing tract that doesn't have ...
Carine-what's cooking · 3W ago

Adam Passed His Test!

Since starting his weight loss Journey a year ago Adam has lost over 40 lb and is now a certified personal trainer! Sam has also worked very hard getting her pre-baby body back so proud of b...
Carine-what's cooking · 3W ago

What is Valley Fever, You Ask?

For those of you who have read my musing for a while, you know that I was very sick this summer with both pleurisy and pneumonia brought on by Valley Fever.  It is still affecting my health,...
Carine-what's cooking · 3W ago

Mutt & Jeff

Obviously it's Lucky and Sunshine just being cute.
Carine-what's cooking · 3W ago

You Just Never Know

I guess I should take full responsibility for Sunshine's emergency trip to our vet.  After all, if I hadn't thought (to myself), "Too windy and smoky from the fire for  a walk, but I should ...
Carine-what's cooking · 3W ago

Oh No!

Poor sunshine! On a brief walk she either got stung by a bee or Scorpion or she was bit by a spider! Thankfully, our wonderful that took her right in and told us what to do and what to watch...
Carine-what's cooking · 1M ago

The Cooking Gods are Against Me

Our new BBQ is finally up and working!  We bought it in the original version of needing a propane tank so Steve had to change it over to natural gas and hook it up.Poor guy!  It was far from...