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Carine-what's cooking · 1w ago

Taking a bit of a break

Not that it will turn the world's axis to another dimension-but it's THAT time of year here.  I had my hips shot full of steroids last week, with the promise of a lower back epidural that to...
Carine-what's cooking · 1W ago

My Nurses

My devoted caretakers after the epidural.
Carine-what's cooking · 1W ago

Pass the Coffee and Friendship

What I've come to love about living in New River is that once you find your "crew", it's wonderful.It did take me a while to find friends who could understand that I can't always do physical...
Carine-what's cooking · 2W ago

Some Days I Just Want to Scream

I knew it was coming, but I wanted to pretend it was A) the weather, B) doing something stupid or C) just something else I needed to rest up from.What am I talking about?  My stupid back, of...
Carine-what's cooking · 3W ago

I Want OUT! No, I Want IN!

It's an old joke for those of us with fur babies.  Seems they're always on the wrong side of the door!Take this morning, just as an example:The sun has finally come out here in rural Phoenix...
Carine-what's cooking · 1M ago

Pepper Likes Raccoon Too

Raccoon belongs to Lucky but Pepper likes her too.
Carine-what's cooking · 1M ago

Really? Did You Read What You Just Said?

I don't like to embarrass anyone, but this week left me shaking my head just a tad.Here's what happened:As usual, Steve and I have been slowly paying off our latest anniversary getaway (this...
Carine-what's cooking · 1M ago

Tough Life

A lap, a devoted set of parents,  loving BFFs and a home.
Carine-what's cooking · 1M ago

1st Walk

It may have been short but I guess it was tiring.
Carine-what's cooking · 1M ago

Ants in Their "Pants"

As I related last week, Poor Sunshine had quite the ordeal with her dental surgery.  A total of 5 molars and a cavity ridden tooth were all removed.  A mouth full of stitches and a whole new...