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Carol Schiff Paints Landscape · 1d ago

Marsh Landscape with herons, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, 9x12x.75" Oil

This little painting on linen, is a study for a 30x40" commission that I am working on. purchase here190 + shippingI painted several small studies, until the client was happy with the compos...
Carol Schiff Paints Landscape · 3d ago

Marsh Painting, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, "North Florida Marsh" by Carol Schiff, 9x12" Landscape, SOLD

I recently spent a few days in Fernandina Beach and stumbled across one of their beautiful marshes.  I have always admired marshes and their beautiful colors which change with the seasons.SO...
Carol Schiff Paints Landscape · 5d ago

Tropical Landscape Painting | Small Oil Painting | Flower Painting | Daily Painting | Bougainvillea Garden by Carol Schiff \ 6x8" Oil | SOLD

One of the advantages of living in Florida is the profusion of blooming flowers available year round.  Bougainvillea is found everywhere in the state in several vibrant colors.SOLDLIKE ME ON...
Carol Schiff Paints Landscape · 1w ago

Rural Landscape Paintings | Daily Paintings | Small Oil Paintings | Country Roads by Carol Schiff | 6x6x1.5" Oil Original

This rural landscape painting is special to me.  I was inspired to do this small oil painting during my recent trip to North Carolina.Purchase here99.95 + shipping As I took my morning walks...
Carol Schiff Paints Landscape · 1W ago

Landscape Painting, Woodland Cottage, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, 6x8" Oil Painting

This little cottage is on my morning walking route in North Carolina.  I am also attracted to the patterns of light on this little house, snuggled up to the trees. purchase here The atmosphe...
Carol Schiff Paints Landscape · 1W ago

Fall Landscape Painting, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, Autumn Trees, 6x8" Oil on Canvas

How did this happen!  How could it possibly be almost autumn?  Time seems to go faster and faster each year.purchase hereLIKE ME ON FACEBOOKJOIN ME ON ETSYMY WEBSITEMY PRINTSMY PR
Carol Schiff Paints Landscape · 1W ago

Sunflower Painting, Field of Sunflowers, Small Oil Painting, Daily Painting, 6x8" Oil Painting, SOLD

Sunflowers always make me smile!  This little painting is no exception!SOLDI used both a brush and knife on this piece.  I wanted some texture, and also vibrant colors.  I tried to make the ...
Carol Schiff Paints Landscape · 2W ago

Daily Painting on Sale, Small Oil Painting, Daily Painter, "Apple on the Tree", Carol Schiff artist, 6x8" Original oil

I never know what genre a painting like this falls into.  Is it a landscape?  Is it a still life?  I think it may be a landscape because it has not been "arranged". purchase here94.95 less r...
Carol Schiff Paints Landscape · 3W ago

Tropical Landscape Painting, Daily Painting, "Golden Palm" by Carol Schiff, 16x20" Oil, SOLD

I was going through some of my old files, and found this tropical Landscape painting that I did several years ago.  I was in morning light, in an area covered with palmettos.  I was fascinat...
Carol Schiff Paints Landscape · 1M ago

Tropical Landscape Painting, Daily Painting, Florida Painting, "Conchy Joe's" by Carol Schiff, 16x20" Oil

Everybody loves tropical landscape, especially me!  This painting is from a few years back and depicts a much beloved part of our community.  "Conchy Joe's" was a seafood eatery located on t...