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Caroline Leavitt · 1w ago

An eerie isolated commune. The society of cults. Polish food, and so much more. The brilliant British writer Eleanor Wasserberg talks about her astonishing novel Foxlowe

Caroline Leavitt · 1w ago

A Sydney family grapples with a mysterious virus in Amanda Hickie's tense and brilliant BEFORE THIS IS OVER

Caroline Leavitt · 1W ago

Unwed mothers, social pressures, the equal terror of telling the truth or keeping a secret. Janet Benton talks about her astonishing new novel LILLI DE JONG

I first met Janet at a reading of debut authors. Of course, I loved her wild mop of curly hair, but more than that, I loved her wild intelligence, her wit, her humor--and of course, I loved her novel. So does Library Journal, which gave it a starred ...
Caroline Leavitt · 2W ago

An epic love story that begins on 9/11, the meaning of love and how it changes, writing and more. Jill Santopolo talks about THE LIGHT WE LOST

Lucy and Gabe meet on the morning of 9/11, and through the years, come together and apar...
Caroline Leavitt · 2W ago

Abbi Waxman talks about grief being like ugly furniture you can't get rid of, hope, gardening, and her great new novel THE GARDEN OF SMALL BEGINNINGS

It’s been more than three years since my husband died, yet in many ways he’s more useful than ever. True, he’s not around to take out the trash, but he’s great to bitch at while I’m doing it myself, and he’s generally excellent company, invisibility ...
Caroline Leavitt · 2W ago

J. Courtney Sullivan talks about sisters, faith, secrets and her phenomenal new novel SAINTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS, and gives us all a great poem

 I first met Courtney, along with the great Jenna Blum, at a book fest. The three of us wh...
Caroline Leavitt · 2W ago

A sinister noir about friends, mothers, art, danger. Come on, you know you need to get Edan Lepucki's Woman No. 17 RIGHT NOW.

 For me, the most wonderful thing of all about Edan Lepucki is not just her exquisite writing. It's that another writer gave her a shout-out on Stephen Colbert and she was on the show! How c...
Caroline Leavitt · 3W ago

The body as story. The story as a force of change. The incredible Lidia Yuknavitch talks about THE BOOK OF JOAN, stardust, swimming, writing and so much more

How can you not love Lidia Yuknavitch? First, there is her TED Talk, The Misfit's Manifesto. Then, of course, there are her phenomenal books. She's the author of the national bestseller The ...
Caroline Leavitt · 3W ago

What's more fascinating than exploring a person's life story through the books they've chosen to read? New York Times Book Review editor Pamela Paul talks about MY LIFE WITH BOB and the fierce relationship between books and readers

  2013 was the year when we all began talking about Pamela Paul. To have a smart, funny, talented woman take on the editorship of the venerable New York Times Book Review, overseeing all boo...
Caroline Leavitt · 4W ago

Now, for young readers, a version of the #1 NYT Bestselling novel ORPHAN TRAIN for younger readers. Christina Baker Kline talks about ORPHAN TRAIN GIRL

I love Christina Baker Kline. (Come on, who doesn't?) She's warm, funny and one of the most supportive friends I have. Plus, she gives great advice about writing and she loves Lazy Rivers! But Christina is not only the #1 NYT Bestselling author o...